“Here we continue, with the party united like a pineapple and strong as a rock & rdquor ;. This is how Pablo Casado defined the situation of the PP on October 3 at the closing of the convention of his political formation, which apparently served him to reinforce his leadership and show unanimity around his person. A little over a month and a half has passed since that pronouncement and the PP seems more like a pot of crickets than a party with a univocal and seamlessly grouped speech around its leader.

It was not enough for Married to the open war with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the one he has launched to prevent the Madrid leader from reinforcing her power, accumulating the presidency of the autonomous community and the organic one – like the rest of her autonomous colleagues, by the way – and Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has appeared, resolved on stage with his devastating book, in which he reveals internal shame and dedicates uncomplexed qualifiers to his fellow party members. Starting with the president of the PP himself, whom he calls a leader “weather vane & rdquor ;. So popular leaders and deputies are trilling with the export parliamentary voice and Married meditating what to do, In addition to inviting him to leave, yes, through an intermediary.

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It also agrees that Ayuso has come out in defense of Álvarez de Toledo and vice versa, because there is nothing more than feeling attacked by the powerful testosterone leaders, a description that the deputy for Barcelona has dedicated to the secretary general of the party, Teodoro García Egea, who the president of Madrid has blocked on your WhatsApp. Will they also see them in Genoa as participants in a coven (that is, as witches) or is that dedicated only to women on the left?

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Harassed by the far right of Vox, that far from weakening is consolidated, and involved in internal fights, the PP transmits an image far removed from that of a united and strong party as its leader proclaimed less than seven weeks ago. It is seen, once again, that the glory is ephemeral, although there is still time to find out electorally.


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