Marine shoppers brave the cold for Boxing Day sales


Despite the continued rise in COVID-19 cases across the region, the Maritimers braved the cold and crowds to take advantage of traditional Boxing Day offerings.

A steady stream of shoppers flocked to businesses across Moncton on Monday. Gerald Lorette and his wife Andrea were part of the crowd at CF Champlain Mall.

“We want to take advantage of the sales there. For example, I lost my gloves the other day, so I’m going to buy gloves, ”says Gerald.

Despite active case counts continuing to rise across the province, New Brunswick residents shared little concern when it came to in-person expenses.

I’m super-duper careful. and you know, wash my hands, keep my mask, keep my distance, and we didn’t really line up. Many young people were queuing to enter the stores, but we are not that type of shopper, ”says buyer Muriel Berdat.

Shopper Martin McCormick made his purchase online before arriving at the store to spend as little time inside as possible, but says he has no problem shopping with other people.

“I am fully vaccinated. If he’s going to get it, he’s going to get it. I meant that it’s been two years that we’ve been living with it, ”says McCormick.

Across the border in Nova Scotia, where the COVID-19 case count is considerably higher, shoppers, albeit wary, were still out Monday taking advantage of the deals.

“I got my two injections and my booster so I feel a little confident it will work,” said a Dartmouth Crossing buyer. “I have a really good mask, so I’m pretty comfortable with that.”

Although many expressed comfort when it came to in-person spending, Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce CEO John Wishart says that local businesses once again saw an increase in online traffic compared to years before. the pandemic.

“There would certainly be more online sales if local retailers had that as an option,” Wishart says. “There was also a big focus on local shopping, which I think is paying off.”

Downtown Moncton gift shop co-owner Steve Clerke says he saw a lot of love for local shopping this holiday season.

“People are very respectful this Christmas, more than I’ve seen, even more than last Christmas. They’re watching their social distancing, but they’re still enjoying the season because we don’t have a choice, “says Clerke.

But Wishart says companies probably still won’t see the usual post-Christmas rush when it comes to sales.

“This week is really kind of a last push to hope to get some extra cash in the till,” says Wishart. “If that doesn’t happen, then it really is a disturbing omen for the first few months of next year. “

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