Marc Márquez: “I have won with worse bikes”

Everybody wonders what’s wrong Marc Márquez. Everyone believes that his irregularity is a consequence of his multiple injuries. Nothing of that. Marquez is fighting a Honda RC213V that causes many doubts, is not very competitive and, above all, that does not adapt to his aggressive, decisive, incisive driving. When you ask him if, now that he seems recovered from all his physical problems, including diplopia, he is surprised that he does not have a winning bike, the eight-time world champion answers with the usual sincerity: “I will be honest with you: not all the problems They are from the motorcycle, no. I have won with worse bikes than this & rdquor ;.

That is the real Marc Márquez, the rider who never gives up and who plans to work to improve and make the leap in the coming months. “Now we are trying to get into the top-5, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to win in Jerez or get on the podium. Realistically, our position would be in the top 10, from fourth to sixth, it would be a good result. We don’t have the speed Fabio (Quartararo, Yamaha) nor that of ‘Pecco’ (Bagnaia, Ducati)but I’m not going to throw in the towel & rdquor ;.

wait for your moment

Márquez remembers that last year, when he returned, he also suffered with that Honda. “On that occasion, as now, everything depended on the circuit in which we ran, as it happens now. I was able to get a good result in Austin, but Germany or Aragon are still far away, but we have to keep working hard, very hard, keep evolving the bike and wait for our moment, which will undoubtedly come. I repeat, this is a matter for everyone, the factory, the team and me, but now I am not the one who best draws, who best brakes, who best folds in the corners, so we must all improve in unison and we are working on it & rdquor ;.

Márquez today had to resort to following some of the fastest drivers in Jerez to be able to get into the top 10 and jump directly to Q2, in search of pole position and, once there, he also followed others to finish second row on the starting grid for tomorrow’s Spanish Grand Prix (2:00 p.m., Movistar, DAZN and TVE). He followed first Jack Miller (Ducati), whom he thanked for his help, and then ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia (Ducati), who will lead the start, and Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha).

a hustler

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“I hope not to be seen as a chiparuedas but as a hustler & rdquor ;, commented on the matter the champion of Cervera. “A hustler, who extracts oil where there is none. In the past, the years that I won races, achieved podiums, pole positions and even titles, I didn’t take a dislike to anyone and there have been a few, many, who followed me then, they are motorcycling things and that’s how I understood it & rdquor ;.

MM93 recalled that “in 2013, when I debuted in MotoGP, I noticed and followed Dani (Pedrosa) and Jorge (Lorenzo), so that later others would follow me. The rapids, now, are others and it’s my turn to chase the others and it’s not just me, no, there are many others who do it but, of course, when one of the roosters in the category does it, it’s more noticeable and, on top of that , with a motorcycle as striking as the Repsol Honda. Also, it’s not easy to do a good lap behind someone, you also have to be skilful, not all riders know how to do it.”

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