Mara Lezama leads in Q. Roo

The electoral preferences in the contest for governor in Quintana Roo maintain a high degree of definition, with an advantage for Mara Lezama Espinosa, candidate of the Morena-PT-Partido Verde-Fuerza México alliance.

The standard-bearer of the Morena-PT-FXM-PV alliance is, by almost 30 points, the best known among the candidates of different parties and electoral alliances over her most immediate adversary, the other standard-bearers being further away.

When considering the preferences among the potential voters of the entity, the advantage that Lezama Espinosa or the alliance that supports it have over their opponents is marked, whether considering only the candidates or considering the formula or the parties participating in the election. election processes.

Among the Quintana Roo electorate, the date or month in which the election for governor will be held is known by almost one out of every two potential voters, and the interest of the electorate in participating in the event, scheduled for June 5th throughout the Quintana Roo territory.

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