Makeover: Keeping your scalp healthy is key to great hair

Nadia Albano reviews the Drunk Elephant bodycare line of products

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Spring is in the hair. And if you’re looking for a reset or feel like you need to get your scalp to a healthy, balanced and clean state, I’ve got a solution.

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I’m testing out Drunk Elephant, a bodycare line that is committed to using ingredients that are not only beneficial to the skin but are also free of ingredients that are potential irritants such as essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical and fragrances.

Step 1

The before look.

Step 2

I started by applying the TLC Happi Scalp Scrub onto dry hair and directly on the scalp. I massaged the product in and allowed the AHA/BHA acid blend to help gently exfoliate and slough off any styling product build up and dead skin cells. For best results, you’ll want to let the product sit for 10 minutes before shampooing.

Next, I shampooed and conditioned my hair with Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. Both are sulphate-free, colour-safe and designed to gently cleanse and nourish the hair with non-fragrant plant oils and butters to soften, smooth and detangle. Ideal for those with sensitivity to highly scented hair products.

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Step 3

Before styling, I sprayed the mid-lengths and ends of my hair with Drunk Elephant Wild Marula Tangle Spray. This lightweight leave-in mist is a powerhouse in that it strengthens the hair and offers easy manageability, smoothing, heat protection and shine.

Step 4

I rough-dried my hair with a blow drier then used a round brush to smooth out and create a sweeping front hairline. I then curled large subsections of hair around the head, using a curling wand to create natural movement.

Step 5

To finish the style, I massaged a dime size amount of Oribe — Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum to the mid-lengths and ends to improve elasticity and to further strength and hydrate.

Step 6

The completed look.

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