Magia italiana, by Joan Tapia

In January 2021 Italy experienced a severe crisis. El débil gobierno de izquierdas chaired by Giuseppe Conte (of the M5S populist) failure due to intestinal pelvis. Italy was the largest beneficiary of the European plan (the tocaban 200,000 million), but it needed a stable governing body. And if the crisis is not resolved and elections are held, the auctioneer will take the Salvini League (extreme right, anti-immigration and Eurosceptic).

The peninsula tembló. The industrial power of the north the first. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, announced an emergency solution. Add to Mario Draghi, the president of the BCE and the Italian of the most prestigious in the world (the Pope is Argentine) who forms Gobierno. Y Draghi logro en pocos días a governor of a national union which meets in the Salvini League, the Berlusconi Conservatives, the M5S’s populists and the Social Democrats’ Enrico Letta. The pressure of economic deregulation on political deregulation will continue, the populists of Conte habían fracasado y Enrico Letta era feliz con un goberno proeuropeo which further avoids any elections that podium wins the extreme derecha.

Translated into Spain was like a technocrat of international prestige and without party (not the word to find) form a goberno with Vox, PP, PSOE and Podemos. Incredible. But the most incredible thing is that it worked. Italy has recovered solvency and credibility and its economy is one of the most declining in 2021 (1.2 points more than Spain).

But all have a fin. This February, the President of the Republic will be elected. Draghi was a good candidate because he guaranteed to follow the reforms. The main obstacle was that the querian parties in Draghi (in front of the Government or President of the Republic), but no one disputed to run for president and number a prime minister of his confidence. Draghi, sí & mldr; ‘ma non troppo’.

But on the other hand, there is agreement between right and wrong (not between them) to elect a new president and that Draghi will be prime minister, even if it is obligatory. Y nadie would like the disappointment of an early election. And less the deputies of the mountain because it has reduced the number of scans and many are quadarian -automatically- without office or benefit.

Another new crisis is unsalvable. Pero ahí resurge la magia italiana. In the middle of the show (there are invalid votes for president), Draghi le pidió a Mattarella que aceptara ser reelegido, 80 years old and he said he repeatedly said that he did not want to follow. And all the parties of the coalition peregrinaron to the Quirinale, seat of the presidency and antes of the Papado, to insist that nothing be done.

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In the end, Mattarella won the Saturday with 799 votes (over a few miles) and Draghi seguirá de jefe de Gobierno. It will not be easy for me to admit that the elections of 2023 will save the Salvini (and the others) from getting nervous. Pero de momento alivio general. From the parties, the deputies, the empresarios, the ciudadanos & mldr; y el propio Draghi que puede volver a aspirar a presidente quen se retire Mattarella, quizás tras las elecciones del 2023.

Italy has another lesson to learn from the crisis and come back to the brink of collapse. Italia is not exemplary, but in the world more than Spain. And no we can imitate porque ni Abascal es Salvini ni Pablo Iglesias es Beppe Grillo. And Mattarella tampoco is a rey that dice to retire and lie, applauded, hace march back.

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