Madrid takes revenge on the Sheriff, goes to the second round and the lead will be played with Inter

  • Real Madrid won with goals from Alaba, Kroos and Benzema, and is already classified automatically, but the lead will be played with Inter on the last day at the Bernabéu, where it is worth a draw.

The Real Madrid will be in eighth of the Champions, after sealing his match against him with victory Sheriff in a placid encounter in the exotic Transnistria. Three goals from Alaba, Kroos and Benzema sentenced the pass to the crossover phase, although the whites must be played in the Bernabeu before him Inter the leadership of the group, a match in which it is worth a draw to pass first.

Warned Ancelotti in the previous one it would be a game “to cook over low heat”. And with that disposition, Real Madrid came out onto the pitch, betting on the Brazilian parsimony that gave it an eleven with Militao, Casemiro, Vinicius and Rodrygo. The whites patiently digested the duel before a Sheriff crouched that left up alone Traore. Unlike other games, the Madridistas charged more to the right, with Modric going out to band to grant the interior corridor to Rodrygo. Vinicius he took it easy on the left.

Patience and possession

He was able to anticipate the Real Madrid in the 9th minute, but Benzema started offside. Rodrygo was the next to test the solvency of Athanasiadis in the 17th minute. The locals were fully employed in defense, forgetting the offensive tasks. Something that allowed Madrid to calmly dominate the ball and the crash, unlike the first leg at the Bernabéu. The whites shook the tree until in minute 29 a foul on the edge of the local area was launched by Alaba. The ball went to the goalkeeper’s post without apparent danger, but a defender touched it on the way and deflected the shot, which ended up in the nets. Open the can, Carletto I asked for more head and still calm.

Carvajal had the second on a volley in the final stretch of the first half and Benzema he forgave another foul on the edge of the area as the first round ended. But it was Kross who sealed the second in a first-class choral play worthy of a Philharmonic that the German concluded by opening the ankle to strike with the inside of the foot and screw the ball into the square. Great goal to put the climax to a first part that went according to plan.

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With the victory in his pocket, and with it the qualification for the second round, the only concern of Ancelotti was that the team did not disconnect as has happened in other games this season. But this time the ball was still at the feet of the whites, to the tranquility of the Italian coach. All doubts were dispelled after 55 minutes, when Benzema he scored the third goal before the permissiveness of the local defense, which allowed the French to control and nail it into the net. From there to the end, little else to highlight beyond a shot at the stick by the locals and a carousel of changes that put the culmination of the historic visit of Real Madrid to the remote republic of Transnistria.


-Sheriff: Athanasiadis (6), Costanza (4), Arboleda (4), Dulanto (4), Cristiano (4), Addo (5), S.Thill (3), Kolovos (4), Bruno (4), Traoré ( 6), Castaneda (3). Changes: Nikolov (5) for Castaneda (min.58), Julien (4) for Bruno (min.58), Nikolov (5) for Kolovos (min.58), Cojocaru (sc) for Traoré (min.80)

-Real Madrid: Courtois (5); Carvajal (7), Militao (6), Alaba (7), Mendy (6); Casemiro (6), Kroos (8), Modric (8); Rodrygo (7), Benzema (7) and Vinicius Jr (5). Changes: Marcelo (5) for Mendy (min.60), Nacho (5) for Alaba (min.65), Lucas (5) for Carvajal (min.64), Asensio (sc) for Rodrygo (min.83) and Blanco (sc) by Casemiro (min.83).

-Goals: 0-1, Alaba (29 ‘); 0-2, Kroos (45 ‘); 0-3, Benzema (55 ‘)

-Referee: Szymon Marciniak (Polonia). Amarilla a Mendy (3 ‘), Fernando (27’)

-Stadium: “Sheriff” Sports Complex of Tiraspol. 6,500 spectators.

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