Madrid stops a good Joventut and reinforces its second position

The Joventut fought and offered a good image but it was not enough to storm the track of the Madrid, who with his victory (99-89) took a step forward to secure second place in the League, when there are only three days left for the end of the regular season.

the work of the Penya in it Wizink Center He left a good feeling despite everything. It is no longer a future project. Is a reality. And he showed it by discussing the victory against Madrid on his court, although some defensive and concentration details cost him the defeat.

He had no trouble returning to the team last each hit of the white team, with Ribas inspired (15 points), Tomic moving hegemonically in the area (25 points) and the emerging power of Willis and Parra, recently named as the best young player in the League. Another thing is the solvency behind. He was too permeable to the green-and-black defense and conceded too many easy baskets against an opponent that he has found, after many doubts, the cruising speed and added his sixth victory in a row.

a key area

The Euroleague play-off marked a turning point for the team Laso. The makeover has coincided with the physical recovery of Llullwhich has assumed command, relegating to a supporting role Williams-Gossand with Heurtel sidelined in the stands. At the bugle call of Llull, the Madrid he moves with more confidence and runs as fast as he can, which is his essence. He did it in the first minutes of the game and managed to open a comfortable gap (40-27, m. 15). But he ran aground when he had doubts about the zone defense raised by his rival. That led to the score tightening again at halftime (47-46) after a commendable reaction from the troop of last.

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The Joventut he maintained his commitment to the area after the restart and raised his level of intensity to stay hooked to the pulse, although Madrid managed to maintain the initiative thanks to his success from the triple, especially from the corners, with a hanga on a streak (20 points, 5 of 9 in triples). In attack, the Penya found a vein in a highly inspired Tomicwhich became a nightmare for the white defense, hitting again and again with his actions with his back to the basket, regardless of whether he was Tavares or Poirier. But when it seemed that the game could lead to a toss-up (83-83, m,. 35), the team from lasso He signed a 10-0 run in just two minutes that guaranteed him a comfortable transition to victory.

Real Madrid, 99- Joventut, 89

Real Madrid: Williams-Goss (4), Hanga (20), Causeur (11), Yabousele (17), Tavares (7) –starting five- Randolph (6), Abalde (5), Deck (3), Poirier (16), Lull (10)

11 of 27 triples (hanga, 5)26 rebounds, 6 offensive (Poirier, 8), 17 assists (Llull, 6)

Joventut: Vives (4), Feliz (11), Busquets (-), Willis (12), Tomic (25) –starting five- Parra (9), Maronka (-), Paul (2), Ribas (15), Bassas ( 5), Birdander (6)

7 of 20 triples (Willis, 2), 28 rebounds, 10 offensive (Willis, 6), 15 assists (Ribs, 5)

partial: 29-23; 18-23; 29-23; 23-20

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