Machismo kills a woman in Mexico every 2 hours: Olimpia Coral before Deputies

As on very few occasions, the partisan division blurred in the Chamber of Deputies. This Thursday, dozens of legislators from various parliamentary groups came together to speak in the same direction; eliminate across the board of all types of violence against women.

With the participation of just over 300 deputies and deputies, the plenary session of San Lázaro held the solemn session on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women; and although there was a great legislative union, said session that was marked by disorder and calls for attention to show respect to the speakers.

“We are not hysterical, we are historical, because we fight too. Let’s fight, let’s fight until it is no longer necessary to do so ”, were one of the phrases launched by Olimpia Coral Melo, who, with the help of other activists, made it possible to criminalize digital violence at the national level.

I cannot begin to speak if the deputies do not pay attention to me ”, urged the young woman before the San Lázaro rostrum, moments before speaking about the arduous road she has faced to make her fight heard.

Coral Melo called on legislators to listen to her, but not because it was “Olympia of the Law Olympia”, Or as the only Mexican person recognized in Time magazine, but for being that woman from the Sierra Norte de Puebla who some years ago tried to commit suicide due to digital violence.

“We were not born with rights, we had to fight one by one and this includes the criminal recognition of digital violence, which took years and also represented the resistance of many legislators who at the time prejudged us, attacked us and closed the door on us.

“The Olympia Law It is not only a set of reforms, it is a cause for girls and women to be safe on the Internet as well. We know that it is not a panacea and there is much to be done, but let no one tell us ladies and gentlemen that when women fight it is useless. Thanks to all of you, although I acknowledge all the support, I must also acknowledge and with all the respect they deserve or not that for me political parties are like my ex, sometimes I no longer believe anything ”, he stressed.

The young activist also did not hesitate to acknowledge that feminism saved her life, because in her words, the struggle of women is not about machismo against feminism. “Machismo, ladies and gentlemen, kills a woman in this country every two hours and feminism kills no one. The debt that they have with us is very great, ”she said.

In this sense, deputies from the PRD, PAN, PRI, MC, PVEM, PT and Morena They demonstrated to continue the fight for equality and defense of women’s rights, mainly to go against violence that kills more than 10 women a day.

“Today, as we ask ourselves every day, how many more deaths does the Executive need to stop despising, making invisible and minimizing the feminist struggle that no, that does not want us dead? Ten every day is not enough. If three years have not been enough for her to understand the violence that kills women every day, we can say that this is a bad government, “said the deputy. Elizabeth Pérez Valdez of the PRD.

For the Citizen Movement, Deputy Jessica María Guadalupe Ortega He exclaimed that legislators cannot cover their eyes to the reality that women live in this regime, with violent people in the street and with their defenders in government, with feminist speeches and sexist assumptions. The reality that we face since 2020, with the pandemic, shows that women are close to our aggressors and unfortunately that is the reality, in which more than 153 thousand girls between 12 and 14 years old were abused in recent years ”.

While the PRI deputy, Alma Carolina Viggiano Austria, accused that violence in any of its manifestations, economic, emotional, psychological, physical or sexual, hurts everyone, however, “budget cuts also disqualified feminist protests, the disappearance of programs with a gender perspective, are also violence”.

Finally, as a show of solidarity, Deputy Carlos Francisco Ortiz Tejeda, called on the male deputies to make a commitment on the matter, as he said, it is not a courtesy, it is the day, and the women speak. It is the day and also the moment that we men answer them. Solidarity, commitment. Parity is a matter of two ”.

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