Luis Raluy Tomás, circus director and patriarch of the Raluy saga, dies at 79

The circus director, clown and mathematician Luis Raluy Tomás, patriarch of the Raluy Circus, died this Wednesday at the age of 79, while he was on tour in Valencia, his relatives have reported on Instagram. His brother Carlos, with whom he founded the Raluy Circus in 1984, died in 2019.

Born on February 25, 1942 in Sant Adrià de Besós (Barcelona), the oldest of the Raluy family, son of the founder Luis Raluy Iglesias and the Igualadina Marina Tomàs Jorba, he has always traveled on roads and highways around the world, living in a wagon, following the family trade.

With his face painted white, seeking the smile of the spectators, the late artist He was also a bullet man, a flying aerialist, and a double-barreled acrobat.

His relatives have highlighted today that he leaves behind “a centennial legacy that will last over time and that will continue to live through the Raluy Legacy Circus where his entire family is united.”

At the same time, they point out that “with great pain we bid farewell to this very special being, full of light, kindness, generosity and that we will remember with the affection and love that he himself gave to everyone who knew him. Luis is a circus and will never die. “

Father of two daughters, also dedicated to the circus, he was always very fond of mathematics and with only ten years he already excelled in this matter, eventually participating in international conferences in Argentina, South Africa and England. being his main field of investigation the prime numbers.

In this field, he published four books, among them ‘Ingenious theory of space and time’ or ‘Scope of prime numbers, their structure and distribution’.

7,000 books

At the age of 19, the family circus undertook a tour of more than two years through different countries in Africa and Asia, until landing on the Island of La Reunion, in the Indian Ocean, where Luis met Jean Jaques Dalleau, who ended up being a teacher. University of Mathematics and with whom he shared his love for numbers all his life.

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On a tour of Italy met the English Barbara Rastall, secretary of the Beatles fan club, and with her he had his first daughter, Louisa, born in Milan, and after nine years Kerry was born in Barcelona, ​​being the grandfather of four grandchildren, Niedziela, Emily, Benicio and Charmelle.

In addition to his fondness for numbers, Luis Raluy had an extensive library, of about 7,000 volumes, with a special wagon to house it, mostly related to mathematics, although he had several editions of his favorite book, ‘Don Quixote’, such as one of the 30s published by Sopena to commemorate the 300 years of the birth of Cervantes and another with engravings by Gustavo Doré

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