Luis Enrique: “It’s like a title. I’ve taken a load off my shoulders”

  • The coach celebrates the ticket to Qatar with euphoria, relieved after qualifying for a World Cup in which he believes they will be among the best

  • Busquets: “We have been hooking people. We know what this group is capable of and the strength it has”

“Come on!” Shouted an euphoric Luis Enrique, celebrating the ticket to Qatar in style. After leading Spain to the semifinals of the Eurocup and the final of the League of Nations, he had also achieved a direct place for the World Cup.

He hugged Busquets, who had just surpassed Xavi in ​​caps (133). He danced exultantly to the sound of the fans’ chants as he went around the ring. A tier of La Cartuja that had cheered Gavi over and over again, the very young Sevillian turned in La Masia and who has become a symbol of the uncomplexed bet of a coach who remains faithful to his idea unrelated to criticism.´

Reinforcement of the idea

“The idea of ​​the coach is being very good and I think we are responding. Luis Enrique transmits a lot and is fair with everyone,” he said Jordi Alba.

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«Those who have believed have been us and little by little we have been hooking people, we had a great Eurocup, a great League of Nations and now to continue; We know what this group is capable of, the important thing is the group and the strength it has, ”Busquets agreed.

The captain praised the character of the team and appreciated the encouragement of the stands. “Very happy for the people who have taken us flying, for the team, for those who are not there but have helped us … It was a life and death match and we wanted to be in the World Cup anyway”.

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