López Obrador says that the conservatives will do “what the wind does to Juárez”, on the 216th birthday of the Benemérito de las Américas

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, assured this Sunday, March 20, that the “conservatives” will continue to do “what the wind blows to Juárez.”

Facing the 216th anniversary of Benito Juárez’s birth, the president urged Mexicans to resort to Juárez’s experience in the face of adversity, to whom López Obrador reaffirmed his loyalty:

“I come to reaffirm my loyalty to President Juárez, Oaxaca and the people of Mexico. I will return next year to continue informing you about the new achievements achieved by everyone and from below (…) We once again remember Benito Juárez García with admiration and affection, at any time, but even more so in this time of transformation, it is essential to resort to his wisdom and his experience,” said President López Obrador.

In Oaxaca, López Obrador promised the construction of “El camino de Benito”, a route so that people can travel it in approximately two days.

This project, said the president, will have the support of state and municipal governments, as well as Oaxaca historians so that Mexicans know the route that Benito Juárez traveled from Guelatao to Oaxaca to study and work.

“Because it is a symbol of how with effort and with the desire to excel, you can get ahead. He set the example for us,” López Obrador said.

“Many do not know a lagoon because it is said that while Juarez was on the shore of the lagoon a piece of land fell off, others say it was a canoe. The fact is that he arrived, either on that floating island or in the canoe, to the center of the lagoon and a strong wind came and Juárez the boy lay down to protect himself and the wind passed, and then he returned to shore, that’s why he He says that the conservatives did what the wind did to Juárez to the country. Conservatives are going to continue doing what the wind blows to Juarez,” the president concluded.

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