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The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, announced that in September they will be able to implement the Imserso trips through a new public tender for which there is already a candidate: Logitravel. The tourist group – which is studying a possible merger with Viajes El Corte Inglés – has advanced to Invertia, which has created a new company to present its candidacy for the social program.

Specifically, the company The Senior Tourism Promotion Agency has established the company with a capital of 3,000 euros. Its corporate purpose is the organization, marketing and implementation of travel programs with and without transportation for the elderly, as recorded in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry (Borme). Its sole partner is Aperture Travel (Logitravel’s parent company), which in turn belongs to the Tool Factory group.

“The Senior Tourism Promotion Agency is the company with which we intend to present our candidacy to Imserso”, sources from the company confirm to Invertia, who assure that “the candidature will be to present ourselves to the next public contest “.

And the million dollar question is when the contest will come out. “The dates of the same we do not know, but for the trips to resume in September, as the minister said, the specifications should be published shortly, if not now,” they point out from Logitravel.

The preparation of new specifications will entail the announcement of a new public tender, despite the fact that the winners of the previous contract, the UTE Mundiplan (Iberia, IAG7 Viajes and Alsa) and Social Tourism (former Mundosenior, formed by Globalia and Barceló), were unable to conclude the 2019-2020 season.

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They were also unable to launch the 2020-2021 season officially canceled in September, as Invertia advanced. For such suspension they have to be compensated.

Predictably, these two UTEs would be Logitravel’s rivals in the bid for the lots of the new Imserso program. In this contest they usually participate 400 hotels on the coast and rural tourism that offer places to 950,000 pensioners (according to data from the last contest). And about 80,000 direct jobs are created.

New sheets

At the moment, only what was announced by Reyes Maroto is known. That is, how much the Ministry of Social Rights and the Ministry of Consumption “We are working with the sector” to develop “new specifications to improve the tourist experience, which is done safely and make the viability of a program” that can “improve the experience of the elderly.”

It is also intended to give “a modernity to the program to improve the tourist experience, so that it is done safely and guarantee the viability of a program so beloved that we hope it will have many years of life,” according to the minister.

In addition, he has pointed out that some of the claims of the tourism sector are improved “to improve not only the experience of the elderly, but also in the area of ​​suitability that this program represents for hoteliers.” “It is an important stimulus to the demand that the sector needs to start recovering the value chain of a sector that depends on mobility, “he said.

VECI negotiation

Viajes El Corte Inglés (VECI) will also benefit from the intention to bid for Imserso trips in the event of the merger negotiated with Logitravel. It should be remembered that the department store affiliate never participates in the public tender; although their travel agencies do market the trips of the Imserso program.

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In this way, and in the event that Logitravel were to opt for any of the contest lots, it would add this synergy to the merger, along with the digital distribution that department stores need so much and the connectivity of hotel, cruise and air products.

While, for his part, VECI has a more traditional business model and one of the most extensive networks of face-to-face travel agencies (600 points of sale). The company has more than 50 years in the sector and a good image for the consumer.

In addition, Logitravel has already starred in another integration. Last December Smytravel, the online tour operator of Logitravel, and Soltour, the tour operator of the Piñero Group agreed to their merger.

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