Letters to the Editor, March 13, 2022

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A dictionary should be given to every international, national and local leader so that they can learn what backbone means and how to implement it. Far too many times, every-day people’s rights or lives are being attacked by megalomaniacs like Putin or say-plenty, do-nothing politicians like Trudeau or Tory. This is even more compounded by the actions or words of the extreme right/left of the political spectrum. The United Nations, supposedly as the world board, has become the worst at this, especially when they wish to censor or reprimand an aggressive nation — it’s a waste of time and effort as it’s usually voted down or vetoed by the nation of the same or by far too many parasitic member countries. The president of Ukraine is the only national leader who is exhibiting the true definition of backbone with courage and strength.

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Peter Manson

(It does make you wonder if any of our political leaders were under the duration of war, and how they’d handle it. We predict, not well)


Now that Toronto has made the decision to drop the mask mandate, I hope people will be respectful of each other’s decisions to keep their mask on just a little longer than March 21. We have all been through a lot of change and angst and many, especially frontline retail workers, have seen it all. Myself, my son and his girlfriend are all in retail and we feel that we still want protection for just a little longer. Ease ourselves into this at our own pace with no comments or backlash from the other side. Please, let’s all be patient and respectful of personal choices, it is a small thing to ask of those who come to work to serve you every day.

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Nancy Rychel

(We completely agree. Everyone needs to be respectful of others’ choices)


Ah yes, Trudeau’s just transition. Oil and gas sector workers? Please, we are so much more than that. These are skilled tradesmen, millwrights, boiler makers, pipe fitters, trained operators in the plants who make these huge, incredibly complicated work engines function. The planners, engineers who plot the successful building and maintenance of the lifeblood of our modern-day existence. Many relocate to their work — others, like some construction people, often leave their homes in other provinces to build refineries, mines, power plants, then return home. Do you really want to wipe out an entire sector of skilled tradesmen and then say, ‘Whoops, we need them.’ Then what. Oh, that’s when the likes of Doug Ford leap in the fray: ‘We need skilled workers, let’s import them, now.’ Instead of training, maintaining our own, enriching the lives of the workers, the coffers of the government of the moment, contributing to the very success of a prosperous (at this writing) country.

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Bill Vernon

(Some consistency is warranted)


Here we all are. Raked by over two years of COVID-19, witnessing civil unrest and absorbing the horror going on in Ukraine. Prices for food and other items rising daily. Now the price of gas is at a record high and rising. And the solution for some politicians is telling people to go out and buy an electric car. Coming from high-paid go-green radical types. Yes, if most of us have the tens of thousands of dollars to do so. Well, we don’t. The Average Joe is having enough trouble keeping his basic living going. Bogus advice.

bill sholdice

(It amounts to lazy advice masked as an attempt to show they are doing something)

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