Letters to the Editor — June 21, 2022

The problem: President Biden’s fall while getting off his bike after a ride on Saturday.

It’s great that Grandpa Biden rides a bike, but I think he’s doing it to show America and the world that he’s in better shape health-wise to change the narrative that he’s failing both physically and mentally (“Down goes Joe ”, June 19.) It is a political game he has been playing for more than 40 years.

Then he fell. It’s great that he’s okay, but wait and see: On his first chance to speak to the press, he’ll probably blame former President Donald Trump or Russian President Vladimir Putin or both for his downfall. That is the character of him. He never, ever takes any blame.

Peter Gryzmolowicz
oceans, mass.

Now that President Biden is unable to find a footing when stopped, will all-electric training wheels be mandatory as de rigueur for the nation’s bikes?

And how much longer can we be expected to follow someone who can no longer navigate a flight of stairs or a bike path? Probably not until 2024. It’s time we put our foot down.

James Evans

Biden just fell off his bike on a weekend ride.

I think at this point in the Biden presidency, voters are starting to think like Biden’s bike: Enough is enough, so get your backs off and let’s get back to a smooth ride in life.

harry winkler
West Palm Beach, Florida

I am not a fan of Biden and his wrecking ball policies that are nearly destroying America, but his bike spill should make everyone realize how fragile his health has become.

Yes, almost everyone has experienced falling off a bike, but Joe was in a stationary position. His walk is obviously somewhat compressed, and that could also play a role in his stumble.

I don’t think the excuses about the bike pedals are enough to make a diagnosis about Joe’s physical health.

Rum Zajicek
Cortlandt Mansion

I can hardly think of anything more pathetic than the President of the United States with his wife and entourage taking a bike ride in hopes of showing off the President’s health. It ended up being just ridiculous.

hans sander
Gordon, Australia

I was glad to hear that Biden was unharmed when he fell off his bike.

I wish I could say the same for my investments during his administration.

lenny rodin
forest hills

The problem: The Post’s endorsement of Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin for governor of New York.

I want to thank The Post for endorsing Rep. Lee Zeldin for governor (“Lee Zeldin for NY gov,” Editorial, June 17).

I have been reading The Post for 50 years and I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican.

As a former member of law enforcement, I have never been more disappointed by the New York State Board of Parole.

I am grateful that Zeldin, on Day 1 as Governor, will fire Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

I’ve seen many of my friends leave New York because of high crime, and it’s time for voters to bring Albany back to sanity this fall, as you noted in your editorial.

Thomas Patrick Folan
miller place

In his editorial he said: “We disagree with Zeldin on some issues.” Is gun safety one of those issues?

Zeldin said he supports repealing New York’s SAFE law, which restricts concealed carry of weapons. Want 8 million New Yorkers to pack heat?

He bragged about his A rating from the NRA. During a wave of gun violence, do we really need a gun fanatic as our next governor?

Ricardo Reef

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