Let Print Automated Software Boost Your Side Hustle


With job loss still on the rise, more people than ever have a side hustle going. Newly unemployed people, or those like all of us stuck at home looking for something to do, are taking to the online world to turn their passion into income.

Whether you’re a podcaster, blogger, musician, or something else, you need to find a way to make some money while pursuing what you love to do. The good news is, you can keep practicing your hobby and sharing it with the world, as there are ecommerce professionals who do the grunt work for you when it comes to selling products with your branding on them.

Please keep reading to learn more about print on demand services in Canada and the US.

Just Pick a Product

Even before the pandemic, musicians subsidized their tours by selling “merch,” i.e. t-shirts, or other clothing or products bearing the band’s decals. Now, any artist or person with a side hustle can make money by selling a wide range of products featuring their branding or design.

Do you want your fans and supporters to have your images on a mug, hoodie, or tote bag? There are all-in-one platforms that connect merchants with printers, so you can hone your craft or art and let them do the leg work.

They’ll handle dropshipping and order fulfillment. All you need to do is pick a product, then a design, approve the samples, and sit back and make sales.

Products That Match Who You Are and What You Do

Every side hustle is unique. Two musicians may have very different identities, and it wouldn’t make sense for them to take the same approach to branding. 

Along the same lines, a writer or podcaster may have different branding needs than a YouTuber. Your designs will set you apart, but so will the product that you choose.

A dog walker may decide to print mugs with their brand or label on them, but if they search further in the product list, they may decide a dog bowl is even more appropriate. It’s 2021, so think beyond the simple t-shirt when it comes to merch.

Art Takes Focus and Time

They call it a “side hustle” because you may be doing it alongside another job, not because turning your passion into payment is its own full-time work. Hopefully, this side hustle is such a success that it becomes a career, but even then, you want to spend time focusing on the craft itself.

If you waste too much time on the business side of things, you won’t give your art the attention and care it needs. Spend your time practicing your tunes, researching your arguments, or building up your brand, not risking burnout by doing mundane work to economize what you love.

Do what you love and do it smartly by finding print automated software that makes Ecommerce work in your favour. 

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