Labor reform is being tested in General Motors’ votes in Silao: FESIIAAAN

Mentras the workers of the plant of General Motors in Silao, Guanajuato, siguen in the development of the jornada to elect his union representation, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of the Automotive, Autopartes, Aeroespacial and Neumatic Industries (FESIIAAAN), afirmó que con estas votaions se pone a prueba la labora reforma.

Tras announces that there is a historic moment, José Texis, representative of the Independent Trade Union of Volkswagen Workers, dijo that he “has announced that unions, that his part of the central stations like the CTM and the CROC, han uncurrido in his practices of always, trying to count the votes, trying to get the one to the ball to SINTTIA. Tampoco olvidamos el favoritismo de la empresa para con los representatives cetemistas, sin embargo, ningun de est cosas han inhibit la participation van los travadores en la process ”.

Juan José Hernández, Secretary General of Volkswagen Syndicatedio su respaldo al SINTTIA -continued by the collective agreement in General Motors- that nation of the working base.

“We hope that we will have another independent union, that we will meet them 50 years from now at the CTM, and we can make sure that if the work of the workers is respected, they will be. We will send our General Motors companions to vote, ”said Hernandez.

Esperan el triunfo

The union representatives have stated that they have had a good influx in the voting months, following the agreement of the traditional central unions to influence the decision of the workers.

Respectively, it is hoped that the Center for Counseling will be impartial, as long as the CTM Coalition intervenes in the vote, “therefore we hope that the pressure does not affect the workers and that there is no opportunity to release the unions. For this, the INE and the OIT are observing that they are in the better shape of the process, and we are identifying the workers with official credentials to execute their vote adequately, ”Hernández said.

In addition to the unions affiliated to the CTM and the CROC being responsible for the precautionary work in the country, he has been negotiating salaries for what is the line to work for the working class.

As an example, the Nissan plants in Aguascalientes and Cuernavaca have completely different contracts.


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