La Mole celebrates 25 years of existence with a horror party

La Mole celebrates 25 years of being one of the most important forums for lovers of comics and Spanish-speaking pop culture. Although the pandemic truncated plans to hold a large celebration, its organizers decided to make a compressed version with content for lovers of comics, anime and pop culture in general.

Under the name of La Mole Sales Bazar, which will take place from October 29 to 31 at the WTC in Mexico City, the event will feature the presence of comic artists, voice actors, television presenters, wrestlers, also international cosplayers such as Lynlyn Cat and the Italian model Riae. The organizers of the event expect to receive around 12,000 people throughout the three days of activities.

For Elías Ortíz, director of La Mole Convention, the travel restrictions imposed in many countries represented a challenge for the organization so that the event could have a full schedule of international guests, as it usually does. This edition of La Mole will allow the spotlight to focus more on Mexican talent. Although it usually takes a year to organize this convention, this edition of La Mole took four months to complete and also had to overcome, like everyone else, problems with the supply of toys and travel restrictions.

One of the strongest cards in this edition of La Mole will be the presence of artist José Luis Durán, the first Mexican licensed by Marvel Comics to draw Spider-Man in comics published in Mexico under the name of Spider Man. The comics created by Durán and published in the newspaper in the 1970s The Press They were outside of official Spider-Man canon and included alternate stories like the wedding between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, as well as other villains that are outside the original narrative line.

For this edition of La Mole Sales Bazar, the presence of 50 artists is expected, among which the following stand out: the writer Alberto Chimal and the artist Rulo Valdés, who were chosen to make one of the stories of Batman: The World, a batman series with stories set in different parts of the world, will host an autograph signing for fans.

There will also be the brothers Isaac and Esaú Escorza, two Mexican artists who worked on the series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin, and that will be your first participation in this convention. Enid Balám, illustrator for Marvel Comics, Héctor de López, cartoonist for Tom & Jerry and South African artist Warren Louw.

There will be conferences with:

  • Voice actors Selwyn Ward (Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space), Rubén Moya (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)
  • Juan Carralero, who voices Beakman and Will Smith
  • Mario Castañeda and René García from Dragon Ball
  • The Simpsons voice actresses: Nancy Mckenzie (Marge), Claudia Motta (Bart) and Patty Acevedo (Lisa)

There will also be meetings with television personalities for older generations such as Alma Gómez, better known as Cositas, and Adriana de Castro, host of the Caritele program broadcast during the 90s on TV Azteca.

Since 2017, La Mole has also opened a space to receive wrestling characters. In previous editions they had personalities from the US WWE, the Mexican Wrestling Council (CMLL) in 2020. This year there will be 24 wrestlers from the IWRG Arena Naucalpan, a space where local talent for wrestling is developed and it was also the location for the movie free nacho.

This edition of La Mole Room Sales Bazar will coincide with the Halloween celebrations so many of the activities will be with themes close to horror, as well as a costume party and a commemorative book to the iconic monsters of the cinema by Warren Louw. And as in any La Mole celebration there will also be space to exchange buttons, stickers and souvenirs made by the attendees to encourage bartering and a way to maintain the proximity of this community.

For Elías Ortíz, this edition of La Mole Sales Bazar will serve as a preamble to the 2022 meeting where a large celebration with a larger capacity is expected. This reduced celebration of La Mole will have all the sanitary measures and for Ortíz it also means the return of one of the most important Spanish-speaking conventions in Latin America.

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