• The spokesman assures that there is no consensus and that the reform will not stop the application of 25% of Spanish in Catalan classrooms

together is definitively removed from the language pact that sought to retouch the language policy law to respond to the ruling of the TSJC that sets 25% of classes in Spanish.

The spokesman for the postconvergents, Joseph Riusstated at a press conference that they reject the text they signed on March 24 together with the PSC, ERC and ‘commons’ and that they froze eight hours later when seeing the controversy that it aroused in some sectors of the independence movement.

Rius has affirmed that his training set three conditions, “which have not been accepted”, to maintain the agreement: that Catalan continue to be the vehicular language “without a doubt”, protect the directors and teachers by validating the projects from the Government and protect the immersion and maintain reception classrooms as a learning element. Some arguments that the rest of the promoting parties reject because they defend that it does maintain Catalan as the vehicular language and because the adaptation to educational projects is always supervised by the Executiu.

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“Furthermore, after the TSJC’s interlocutory it has been shown that will not serve to protect the immersion. The court was already aware of the procedure and went ahead. It is not true that a reform of the language policy law serves to protect immersion,” the spokesman inquired.

Socialists, Republicans and purples must now decide whether to go ahead with their plan, which has a majority, even if it does not include post-convergence.

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