Junqueras: if the dialogue does not advance, it will be due to a “scarce” democratic commitment from the Government

  • The head of ERC estimates that the steps taken at the table will be conditional on the Executive’s respect for the “exercise of right to vote” of the citizen

  • “The two most political models opposites in Catalonia “they are those of PSOE and ERC, he claims, but that is what in his opinion makes dialogue more necessary

The ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras, defends that if the dialogue table does not advance, it will be because the commitment of the Government of Pedro Sánchez “to democracy is scarce“, and affirms that the democrats must be able to advance in the line of exercising democracy.

“Being able to advance can advance, another thing is that we will see to what extent those who call themselves democrats are really committed to democracy and to the exercise of a democratic right of citizens such as the right to vote, “he says in an interview with Europa Press when asked if he believes that the dialogue table will bear fruit in the two years until the general elections despite the differences between the two governments. .

Junqueras assures this before the dialogue table meets again in Madrid at the beginning of 2022, after the meeting that took place in September in Barcelona in which the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, pledged to resume the dialogue and stated that the conversations would be discreet and that there would only be public meetings when progress was announced.

“We are light years away, so there is a negotiating table,” he alleges to defend himself from criticism for the talks with Sánchez

For Junqueras, the positions of the Executive of Sánchez and that of Aragonès are opposite, and he maintains that “the two most opposite political models in Catalonia are the one representing the PSOE and the one representing ERC“We are light years away, that’s why there is a negotiating table”, but he defends that precisely the negotiation tables should be done with those who have distant positions.

Presence of Together

One of the unknowns at the dialogue table meeting at the beginning of the year is whether Junts will be or not, since in September there was no representative of the Carles Puigdemont formation because Aragonès did not accept his delegation proposal, since it was not exclusively made up of members of the Government.

In this sense, the Republican leader asserts that it is contradictory that “those who have insistently and for a long time demanded the ‘sit and talk‘Now that you have the opportunity to sit down and speak, say that you do not want to sit down. “Junqueras affirms that he respects any decision made by other formations, but considers that” this contradiction they must solve it, the people of Junts “.

Junqueras sees it as contradictory that Junts asks for ‘sit and talk’ and then absent from the dialogue table

He is also convinced that “on behalf of Junts there are various people in the Government, various members of the Government, who are perfectly qualified without any doubt to sit at this table “, and wishes that the formation of Puigdemont does not prevent them from contributing to the search for a solution to the Catalan conflict.

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The more we are in the defense of amnesty and self-determination, the better “, the Republican leader wields when asked if the absence of Junts at the table makes the Catalan delegation weaker or if, on the contrary, it facilitates negotiation with the central government , with whom ERC has agreed on the General State Budgets (PGE) or the audiovisual law.

When asked if he and the rest of the independentistas should have a role in the negotiation and in the dialogue table, he maintains that he does not aspire to have “no special paper anywhere“, but to be able to help in all the places where it can be useful.


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