Juan Diego Botto, National Theater Award after removing Lorca from his grave in his last play

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Actor and playwright Juan Diego Botto has won the National Theater Award corresponding to 2021 for his recent work A moonless night, an exciting, deep production, of great hardness, in which he is transmuted into the poet Federico Garcia Lorca and confronts the viewer with the miseries of the recent Spanish past. A show that is committed, that is ashamed, that screams for the need to remember, for all the people who are still buried in the gutters of the country, for the historical memory.

The jury has proposed the concession of this award, which is awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and is endowed with 30,000 euros, to Juan Diego Botto “for his deep and permanent commitment to the scene as a vehicle for transmitting uncomfortable political and social realities and his ability to make them reach the general public through a clear and simple language but loaded with poetry “.

Attributes with which the Argentine-Hispanic director, author and performer has shaped his show A moonless night, where he has demonstrated “his nature as a man of the integral theater as a playwright and interpreter”, as well as “the enormous validity that Lorca’s discourse possesses today”. The text of the work, directed by Sergio Peris-Mencheta, was based on interviews, talks and lectures by the poet, as well as fragments of his works and some of his poems.

In an interview with EL ESPAÑOL, the playwright thus defended the need for a Spanish historical memory: “A people with memory is a people capable of seeing signs, reacting and changing. Without memory we are nobody. (…) And a country with no historical memory is a country that is provoking a voluntary Alzheimer’s, it is filling with holes that allow it not to recognize itself, and that is something that does not stop “.

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