Jen Psaki leaves the White House for MSNBC

Washington. She could be in the role of being charming, making explosive statements, or just beating around the bush. Whichever version of Jen Psaki appeared on the White House lectern leaves little doubt that her departure robs President Joe Biden of a capable ally.

Immediately recognizable by her shock of red hair, Press Secretary Psaki, 43, has been the public face of the Biden administration since the Democrat moved into the White House on Jan. 20, 2021.

Psaki, who always said she didn’t expect to stay in that high-pressure job for more than a year, is now headed for a lucrative new job as an anchor at MSNBC.

He is leaving just as brutal midterm campaigning begins and Biden is piling up with domestic problems like inflation and illegal immigration. Furthermore, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters increasingly complex geopolitical terrain.

There is no doubt that Psaki’s successor, Karine Jean-Pierre, who makes history by becoming the first black and openly lesbian woman to hold the position, has a torrid outlook ahead of her in the coming months.

This is the best job I’ve ever had, maybe the best job I’ll ever have,” Psaki told Fox News in recent days, referring to his White House job.

Psaki’s self-confidence stems from her deep experience in the Democratic Party and her stint in the Obama administration as State Department spokesperson, White House communications director and campaign press secretary.

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