Jealous pillows, by Albert Espinosa

Article 755. A friend of mine, who is almost 90 years old, has a theory that the pandemic has made people more selfish instead of more empathetic. She, who has lived a long time, believes that facing such a great difficulty as a collective has meant that instead of finding the way towards others, people have sought a path towards individuality. “We all have problems” It is the phrase that she has heard the most in these months.

It’s funny, because she has been someone very positive. She has always had glowing theories that she shares. I remember when she was 70 years old, she was explaining to me one of her about her own mattress and her pillow & mldr; I almost tell you after the best of the week.

3rd place. ‘Deixar-se trobar’. This song from the beautiful album by Max Ballesté takes you to dig inside yourselfto remember that the important thing is never to look for someone but to let yourself be found.

2nd place. ‘This is us’, created by Dan Fogelman. finish this beautiful series that has had perfect chapters that summarize the relationship between families. The final season is for the fans and strikes that difficult balance for the entire cast to have a beautiful send off.

1st position. ‘Diaries’, written by John Cheever (Penguin Random House). This diary of the incredible author of the swimmer’s tale touches you for the truth about him and for the sadness of his memories. An incessant search for what will never be achieved and an irrepressible desire to fix what is already broken.

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And my friend always told me that when she hadn’t slept in her house for days, on her mattress and pillow, she would notice when how i had more nightmares. As if it were a revenge of her bed towards that infidelity in the form of strange hotels or sporadic trips.

That is why he decided to take the travel pillows and leave his clothes on the mattress to trick his own bed. And so he managed to satisfy them both and nullify the nightmares. He always told me that humans were never so easy to please. Happy Sunday!

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