Jalisco prepares the formation of the state SAT

Guadalajara, Jal. Despite the fact that the citizen consultation on the fiscal pact between Jalisco and the Federation did not reach sufficient participation for the decision to be binding, the state government will ask the federal government for a new Fiscal Coordination Agreement.

At a press conference, Governor Enrique Alfaro announced the steps to follow after conducting the citizen consultation held in November and December, in which 449,948 residents of Jalisco came to express their opinion.

He indicated that he will meet shortly with the Political Coordination Board of the local Congress so that both the Legislative Power and the municipalities of Jalisco approve the reform to the Political Constitution of the state and initiate the formation of the Tax Administration System (SAT) of Jalisco .

“Whatever the future of the Fiscal Coordination Agreement with the Federation, it is very important for us to start the work for the design of what will be the Tax Administration System of our state,” stressed the head of the Executive.

In a next step, a campaign will be carried out to update the tax address of the companies that produce in Jalisco and thereby establish the real size of the state’s economy.

“There are many companies that produce in Jalisco and that have their fiscal domicile in Mexico City or elsewhere; we want that through this campaign we can have a real idea of ​​the size of the economy of our state (…) which is a key element in the revision of the agreement ”, he indicated.

Enrique Alfaro said that he will seek a meeting with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to present the results of the consultation and explain the purposes of the constitutional reform in Jalisco.

“We do not want to take a single peso from the states of the country; nor a constitutional reform at the federal level; nor do we want the agreements with the rest of the entities to be rebuilt, we only and exclusively want the Fiscal Coordination Agreement between the Federation and Jalisco to be reviewed and adjusted in accordance with the proposals that we will make at the time, ”the governor stressed.

He anticipated that as of the first business day of the year, the state will work on a technical opinion that will contain a diagnosis to explain why the agreement in force since 1980 and its modifications in the last 40 years “does not suit Jalisco” and will present a proposal agreement that does serve the state.

“The State Congress will have to generate debate, discussion and agreements, so that in its case, we can inform the federal government that 2022 will be the last year of validity of the Fiscal Coordination Agreement in force since 1980,” Alfaro pointed out.

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