Jalisco competes for medical tourism from North America

Guadalajara, Jal. The quality of the medical services it offers and the hospital infrastructure it has, together with the hotel offer, restaurants and tourist attractions of the city, make the metropolitan area of Guadalajara among the world’s top destinations for medical tourism.

The director of My Medical Destination in San Diego, California, Frank Núñez, affirmed that despite the fierce competition to attract the market of the United States and Canada, which is looking for other countries to perform medical procedures, Jalisco has a competitive advantage over others that is the proximity of Mexico with North America.

According to Núñez, currently different countries in the world are competing for medical tourism; among them, Costa Rica, Turkey, Egypt, Poland and the South American countries, due to the economic spillover generated by health tourism.

“A tourist (recreational) visitor spends an average of $ 1,115, but a medical tourism visitor spends an average of $ 10,000,” said the expert during the presentation of the Medical Tourism Congress, which will be held in Zapopan on March 17-18, 2022.

When sizing the potential market that this sector represents, Frank Núñez stressed that “this economy is new, and there are 98 million Americans who are willing to leave the United States for medical treatment, and of these, only 780,000 patients have left for medical treatment. , it is a data of the 2019 ”.

For his part, the president of the Jalisco Medical Tourism Cluster, Carlos Rodríguez Zárate, indicated that in the United States “the cost of health care is extraordinarily high” while the Canadian market has problems with specialized medicine and the waiting times that this population has.

In this regard, the director of the Real San José hospital, Joaquín Jiménez, commented that “for example, robotic surgery for prostate cancer is half the price here in Jalisco than in any hospital in the United States or Canada.”


Currently, the institutions that participate in this ecosystem are the Real San José Hospital, the San Javier Hospital, the Mexico-American Hospital, the Puerta de Hierro Hospital and the Lomas Providencia Hospital.

During the Medical Tourism Congress in March next year, “we are going to give the participants the tools so that they can, in addition to obtaining patients, turn those patients into ambassadors of the destination.”

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