Jalisco approves gay marriage and prohibits therapies to “cure” homosexuality

The Congress of Jalisco approved the legality of same-sex marriage in the state, after an initiative obtained 26 votes in favor of a possible 38 of the total number of deputies that make up the local Legislative Power.

The approval has to do with a modification to article 258 of the Civil Code of Jalisco that defined marriage as the union between a woman and a man, and so that from now on this institution is considered as the union of two people.

The congress defined that marriage is “an institution of a public nature and social interest, by means of which two people decide freely to carry out the community of life, for the search of their personal fulfillment and the foundation of a family with respect”. , mutual aid and equality of rights and obligations”.

To reach this definition, there were 26 votes in favor, eight against and three abstentions.

Equally transcendent, the local Congress prohibited the therapies of conversion or cure of homosexuality and established for this a fine for people who force others to receive them. This initiative achieved 36 votes in favor.

Jalisco then becomes the 27th state in Mexico to validate same-sex marriage.

These are the 27 states of Mexico that recognize or accept gay marriage:

1. Aguascalientes

2. Lower California

3. Baja California Sur

4.- Guanajuato

5. Campeche

6. Mexico City

7. Coahuila

8. Colima

9. Chihuahua

10. Chiapas

11. Jalisco

12. Gentleman

13. Michoacan

14. Morelos

15. Nayarit

16. Nuevo Leon

17. Oaxaca

18. Puebla

19. Queretaro

20. Quintana Roo

21. San Luis Potosi

22. Sinaloa

23. Sound


25. Yucatan

26.- Zacatecas

These are the states of the Republic that do not recognize same-sex marriage:

1. Durango

2. State of Mexico

3. Warrior

4. Tabasco

5. Tamaulipas

6. Veracruz.

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