Islas Marías, the convenient familiarization trip

In the search for favorable actions for the Tourism sector during times of austerity (forceful, not for display on social networks that is of little use), hours, multiple conversations and some dislikes can be spent.

Voices against and in favor (of course there are) of the administration defend their position with arguments. It is evident that the nonconformity of tourists drowns in a respectful silence.

Still, there are glimmers of hope. At the beginning of the month, the Federal Government’s Director of Tourism Product Innovation, Mauricio Aarón Reyna Guerrero, sent a great message-invitation to the community of expert marketers in the sector.

The official is in charge of organizing a familiarization trip to the ecotourism development of the Islas Marías. The objective is to show the advances of the new tourist product that was created in the area of ​​sad memory. At the last International Tourism Fair (FITUR), in Madrid, there was already talk of an upcoming opening to hikers.

How good! Destinations don’t sell themselves

If the trip takes place and listen to the comments of the attendees, without a doubt, it will be one of the great memories of the six-year term for considering the private sector, as it should be.

A detail that can be read in the invitation sent, just to avoid the presence of vivales, is that it is nominal, personal and non-transferable.

Among the official information circulating about the new tourism-environmental destinationin which there will be no overnight stay and which will be talked about a lot in the following weeks, is shared:

The Marías Islands are a sacred site in Mexico that transforms the consciousness of everyone who visits them with respect and an open heart. An archipelago of four islands (Cleofas, María Magdalena, San Juanito and Isla María Madre), in which an essential ecosystem for the cycle of life on the planet converges, since it is home to more than 1,590 species, 1,265 of which are fauna and 172 are of flora, 50 of them are classified as at risk and others that, in addition to being endemic, are in danger of extinction, such as the yellow-headed parrot and the Marías Islands rabbit.

In principle, the excursionists will arrive at the destination from the Mazatlán port area, in vessels that will be operated by the Secretary of the Navy.

Before its opening, It’s tourism! hope that in the Marias Islands there is a space-tribute for the work of the choreographer Vicente Silva, who in 1992 was selected by the National Council for Culture and the Arts and the Ministry of the Interior to start a pilot project and unique in its kind: prison dance.

“I worked with highly dangerous prisoners for nine months giving them dance classes, training from eight in the morning to eight at night. We did ballet, contemporary, and improvised in the jungle, on the beach, or wherever possible. Manuel Calero, who was the director of that prison at that time, allowed me to record all the time”, said the artistic director and teacher.

By the way, the tourist load capacity study of the new attraction recommends implementing an online reservation method that allows controlling the flow of visitors per day, sending regulatory information prior to the visit of the Biosphere Reserve and having a database of visitors.

** There is already a secretary in CDMX

In this space, last month there was talk of the need for the country’s capital to appoint, as soon as possible, a head of the Ministry of Tourism who would give the activity the respect it deserves (after leaving thel start November of Paola Félix Díaz).

The day arrived, on January 31, a Rebecca Olivia Sanchez in that position.

In the respective information card you can read: Since December 2018, Sánchez Sandín has served as head of the General Directorate of Territorial Regularization of the Legal Department and Legal Services of the Government of Mexico City. She has a law degree from UNAM. She was also the general director of Citizen Participation and Management in the Mayor’s Office of Tlalpan, from 2016 to September 2018.

That’s the way things are.

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