IPhone 13 ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ Not Working, Says Apple Fix Coming Soon

When skins got in the way of Face ID on the iPhone, Apple introduced the ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ feature in iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4, allowing users unlock your iPhones with your Apple Watch (as long as it is close).

However, iPhone 13 users were disappointed to find that the feature didn’t work on Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone.

The first customers have been report a series of software bugs following the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro series launch on Friday, among which are the connectivity problems between the iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch. Unlocking with Apple Watch not working is, quite possibly, an extension of those problems.

Those affected by this issue cannot set up Unlock with Apple Watch or see an error message saying “Cannot communicate with Apple Watch” when they try to unlock their iPhone 13 while wearing a mask or other cover.

in a supporting document posted earlier today (via MacRumors), Apple acknowledges the problem and says it will be fixed in a future software update. Apple did not provide an ETA for this software solution, but the company has an number from software problems with iPhone 13 Patch.

Meanwhile, Apple is warning affected users to turn off Unlock with Apple Watch on the Settings application below Face ID and Passwordand unlock your iPhone 13 using your passcode.

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