Investment in community sports, not international events: Indeporte

In detail, the Indeporte does not know how much is the financial gap left to Mexico City by the lack of massive sporting events in 2020 such as the NFL, NBA, Formula 1 or the Mexico City Marathon. But the Director of the CDMX Sports Institute, Javier Hidalgo Ponce proposes that the economic reactivation be guided during his tenure by two axes: good relations with sports entrepreneurs and investment of up to 90% in community sports.

“We do not handle a precise data (of the financial gap). Tourism and services are an important axis for the economic reactivation of the city. It must be understood that it is not the Indeporte budget that is going to achieve the objective, but that the Indeporte’s job is to articulate all the promoters of physical activity, from basic education to the most remote community and from the most competitive sport to the most popular ”, mentions El Economista, the former federal deputy of Morena.

─ Do you have a projection of how much is required to be generated in economic income in 2022 through international sporting events?

“Not in detail, but when events occur, those amounts can be released, we are just in the process. The first event that took place was the Tour de France, then the Formula 1 Grand Prix and we ended the year with the Marathon and Half Marathon ”.

By 2022 the Institute will work with 8.5 million pesos less than in 2020, that is, with a budget of 312.5 million. Hidalgo points out that none of this will be invested in international sporting events, with only the Mexico City Marathon being the only one with a massive call to which resources are labeled. In 2019, 31 million pesos were allocated to their organization and they received 41 million (including the concept for sponsorships), of those amounts, Indeporte had 12.3 million of net profit.

Former director Rodrigo Dosal explained that the Marathon should achieve self-sufficiency, being financed by sponsors and registrations without the need to use Indeporte resources. That goal has not yet been reached.

In mid-November, the FIFA delegation made up of members such as Colin Smith, director of the Tournaments and Events Division, visited the Azteca stadium accompanied by leaders from the city’s public and private sectors. This task of the International Federation evaluated the candidate cities that will host the first edition of the tournament with the participation of 48 teams and in three countries: Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Javier Hidalgo was part of the entourage, and in this regard, regarding the action plan to pave the way towards the 2026 World Cup, he points out: “we are here, we have had talks with FIFA to be able to define the 18 cities as the headquarters in Mexico City. It is a job of the city government, not only ours, the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum has attended it personally and we are part of that team. Aspects such as roads and the great interest of the government are contemplated for it to develop smoothly “

By the time the World Cup is played, the current administration will not be there, but for Javier Hidalgo the journey is a key part of convincing the world that CDMX is the best option for massive events. Three months have passed since he took office and he mentions that he has already met with directors of the World Boxing Council and with Arturo Olivé, director of the NFL in Mexico: “The NFL seeks to stay in Mexico City, we already have a date and a commitment to that the Azteca Stadium is ready and without problems. The league tells us that an international confirmation is missing and the news would be given at the end of November or in December, we press for it, because they estimate that they will have it for April ”.

Regarding the rest of the businessmen who manage the NBA, MLB, volleyball and basketball, Hidalgo mentions that it is necessary to cover meetings with them.

“The idea is to meet with each one before the end of the year. That was the indication of the head of government for each reactivation sector. Sport is part of the economic heart of the city with a tourism perspective ”.

─ How do you motivate sports entrepreneurs so that events stay in CDMX and do not migrate to other states?

“The CDMX is attractive for tourism and one of the best recognized in the world. In the international ranking of tourist cities they place it in that condition. On the security issue, crime rates have also been reduced. Everything gives certainty to an entrepreneur to invest. What the government wants is to end corruption and that is important for a businessman, it is not a matter of taking advantage or profit. The idea is that the support is not with resources, that it is a business, so we clarify it with the NFL, and that it be a win-win to be able to develop it because we are not subject to those events that help a lot in economic, tourist and emulation of sports activity ”.

The negotiation of the contract for the Formula 1 Grand Prix for three more years and without public resources, was the lure before the pandemic, that Claudia Sheinbaum understood that the economic spill with sport is a pillar of work. Hidalgo mentions that the cabinet made up of leaders from the government sectors in economic development, tourism and culture will announce at the end of the year an economic reactivation project through sports, tourism and culture, and businessmen will be part of the presentation.

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