Information Technology Companies, with low maturity to face cyber attacks: specialists

Monterrey, NL. The ability and understanding of the importance of cybersecurity it depends on geography, industry and organization. There are companies that have decided to manage risk before an incident, however, Mexico is the most attacked country in Latin America, because there is not enough protection against a vulnerability, experts agreed during the SOFT 2021.

Adriana Armas, country manager in Mexico of Darktrace, he commented during a Cybersecurity panel, organized by the Nuevo León Information and Communication Technologies Cluster (Csoftmty), that organizations must have complete visibility of their operations, to avoid a cyberattack.

According to data from Federal Institute of Telecommunications, in the first 9 months of 2020, Mexico was the most attacked country, with 1 million 319,260 attacks by ransomware (They demand a payment from users so that they can have access to their data).

On the other hand, Condusef indicates that cyber fraud grew 35% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the same period of 2018, and estimates that these frauds will represent for retailers around 130,000 million dollars, in the period from 2019 to 2023.

Adriana Armas explained that a security breach is an unauthorized access to data, while a vulnerability is a security breach, this translates into a risk of attacks from malware O ransomware.

Therefore, the directive said, companies must be able to identify the vulnerability that exploits the hacker and use platforms artificial intelligence able to give an answer.

The new oil

“The new Petroleum It is the information we generate, and it has value for those who seek to monetize that information. There are many threats that are beyond our control, vulnerability is the responsibility of companies, by leaving weak holes that generate a risk to access data “, commented Leonel Navarro, global leader of the Security Practice in Softtek.

In turn, Nathan Levy, CEO of ICE, an Israeli company specializing in comprehensive security solutions, stressed that companies should focus their efforts on cybersecurity, which is its most important asset, because new vulnerabilities and risks emerge every day and take a step forward with three pillars: technology, processes and trained personnel to foresee the future.


The experts recommended promoting risk management practices in companies with a comprehensive approach, having clarity in the plan of attack, because many companies are not prepared for a cyber attack, especially because they suppose “it will not touch me”, although around them if they have had security problems with the information.

Malicious actors win many battles, because some companies depend on a single solution, therefore, many technological solutions must be sought, have processes of constant improvement, automation of processes and staff training, the specialists concluded, in the panel on Cybersecurity.


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