Alfredo Covarrubiasgeneral secretary of the National Union of Air Transport Controllers (SINACTA) affirmed that the redesign of the airspace has given rise to a greater incidence and in the last 4 months it has shot up to 300 percent.

At a press conference, the air traffic controllers narrated that they receive information that up to 100 incidents have occurred, although the most serious are delivered to the Directorate of Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation.

Specifically, he maintained that of the 30 serious incidents, 10 occurred at the Mexico City International Airport, one of them on November 13, 2021, between a plane from Aeromexico and another of Volaris.

A similar situation was experienced in the Mazatlan airport where there have also been incidents. According to the data presented by the Union headed by Covarrubias, on February 24, 2022, the event was between the Russian company NordWind Y Volaris.

Given the frequency with which these types of incidents occur, such as the one that occurred over the weekend between two Volaris company aircraft, Covarrubias commented that they are normalizing, since incidents have increased by up to 300% since the redesign was carried out. .

For his part, Angel Iturbe, organizational secretary of the SYNACTaffirmed the data with which they count refer that there is an average of five “goes into the air” in a way in which they refer to when the landing does not materialize for some reason.


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