About twenty young nationalists entered the Ajaccio prefecture on Monday, February 22, to protest against the penal status of Alain Ferrandi and Pierre Alessandri, two members of the Erignac commando sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of the prefect of Corsica in 1998. This action and the expulsion of the militants by the security forces harden the tone of the campaign for territorial elections in Corsica, which has hitherto been sluggish.

The small group, having taken advantage in the middle of the morning of the opening of the gates to a vehicle to access the Lantivy palace, expressed, according to the prefecture, “The desire to gain access by force to the office of the prefect and his services”. After an hour and a half of occupation, the deployment of two banners at the windows and the reading of a statement to the coordinator for security in Corsica, who had offered to receive them, the demonstrators were expelled manu militari. “They forcibly opposed their evacuation by the police and ransacked offices, indicates the prefecture of Corsica, which seized the judicial authority. Officials from the prefecture and the police were attacked and injured. “

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“Paris must change its method”

The exit of these young people, some of whom had bloody faces in front of the media and chanted “Libertà! “ (“Freedom”), did not fail to make the political class react. “We wanted to peacefully occupy the prefecture in order to get a response from the government regarding the lifting of the DPS status [détenu particulièrement signalé], which prevents Alain Ferrandi and Pierre Alessandri, moreover released for four years, from being brought together in a Corsican prison as the law says ”, told the World one of the participants, Simon ‘Paulu Ferrandi, 23, son of Alain Ferrandi, detained with Pierre Alessandri since 1999. “We were there for a claim of rights and not political, we have no banner and we were not there to make the cabbage of such or such party”, continued Mr. Ferrandi, denying the violence committed in the prefectural enclosure. It counts in its ranks “Five to six demonstrators injured by police officers”.

Simon 'Paulu Ferrandi, his face bloodied, addressed journalists at the end of the occupation of the Ajaccio prefecture on February 22, 2021.

This punch succeeded in the feat of making the nationalist majority react as one man, now fractured into three currents and which might not renew its alliance for the June election. The Corsican Executive Council considers that this action symbolic “ was “On the legitimate basis” and said to share the “Feeling of injustice and incomprehension and anger felt not only by these young people but also by all those who in the island and elsewhere wish that the logic of revenge give way to the rule of law”.

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