In a letter published on his Twitter account, El Bronco exposes the truth of how he was arrested

Monterey, NL. former governor Jaime Rodriguez Calderon reported that on March 15, his own escorts detained him near the municipality of General Terán, under the pretext that there were problems with the police against an armed group on the road and they had to wait to receive reinforcements, according to a text posted on his Twitter account.

Since his term ended, the state government has given him escorts. He explained that that day, he went to Montemorelos to meet with some friends and they got into a Suburban van, leaving his vehicle at a friend’s house in General Terán.

Four escorts followed him in a Pick Up vehicle, which has government radio frequency and cell phones and this is known to the State Secretary of Public Security and the General Commissioner of the Civil Force Police, on which they depend.

“We traveled about 20 kilometers and before reaching our destination on the road to Ejido Guadalupe La Joya, in the municipality of General Terán, our escorts went ahead of us and stopped us to tell us that they had received instructions from their commanders to stop, because supposedly later there were problems with the police against an organized crime group,” wrote the former governor.

For this reason, they stopped for 30 minutes on the side of the road, since the instructions received by the escorts is that they would send reinforcements to escort the former president and his friends.

“About 20 minutes later, a patrol and a car arrived with ministerial agents and without notifying us, (one of them) stopped his car in front of the vehicle that my friend was bringing, that is, the Suburban, it was like that for 20 minutes and they only told me what we expected”.

“We did, until I asked to get out of the vehicle and ask what was happening and they only answered that they had orders to wait. After another 15 minutes of waiting, one of them approaches me and tells me that he has an arrest warrant against me,” El Bronco stressed.

He assured that he requested the arrest warrant and the Public Ministry only showed him an order that he had on his cell phone, and Jaime Rodríguez demanded that he present the arrest warrant on paper, however he did not bring it.

“Finally, he receives a call from one of his bosses and orders him to get me on his patrol anyway, I agreed alone. Since we arrived at the town of General Terán, there another patrol intercepted us with other ministerial agents where they already brought the order and showed it to me, and so they took me to the State Investigation Agency, “said the former governor.

Rodríguez Calderón recriminates that when he was detained the police were taking photos and images of him, which were published in the media, “thanks to the public statement of the governor (Samuel García), where he personally published this news on his network accounts long before the alleged arrest warrant was shown to me, where it states that (I) was fleeing, do you think I was fleeing if I have always been guarded by employees of the Security Secretariat?

The vehicles in which the former president moved are government property and have satellite locators and the escorts use the government’s radio frequency network, he explained.

He recalled that the alleged (electoral) crime of which he is accused had been under investigation since 2018 and he was never notified of the case in order to face it.

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