IMSS and New Leon Governor sums up efforts to boost health priority projects

  • The Director General of the Social Security, Zoé Robledo, indicates that the coverage should be redressed at the First Level of Attention and to prevent injuries.
  • The governor of the state, Samuel García Sepúlveda, reconciled with the director general and health staff of the Institute during his absence during the pandemic.
  • During the extraordinary session of the Consultative Council, the new representative of the IMSS in New Leon, Dr. Tonatihu Ortiz Castillo, was introduced.
  • If the operation is initiated by the Bank of Sangre of the Hospital of Cardiology, United Medical Institute of High Specialty (UMAE) No. 34 de Nuevo León.

The Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) and the governor of the state of New Leon will resume their compromise work to favor the health of people, spend time on social security issues and boost the Institute’s priority projects in the near future.

To record the Extraordinary Session Extraordinary of H. IMSS Consultative Council in New Leon, with the presence of Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda, the Director General of Social Security, Maestro Zoé Robledo, signaled that New Leon could be a national example for ten hospitals complete, redistribute the coverage at First Level of Attention and prevent illnesses, counter with strategies in physical medicine, integral health and health disorders.

Subrayó who, after the pandemic, had to revise the areas of crime in infrastructure, to cover amplified services and work together to restore the idea of ​​family medicine as guaranteeing health between the population.

There are indications that there are topics such as mental health, rehabilitation and physical medicine that need to be addressed in the Primer Nivel, that “it is the best place to have this kind of health prevention”.

During the meeting of the Consultative Council, the presentation of the new Title of the Organ of Operational Dissociation (TOOAD) in New Leon, Dr. Tonatihu Ortiz Castillo took place. With respect, General Director Zoé Robledo stated that with creativity, enthusiasm, willingness and the participation of the governor of the state, “we will have many good results”.

Assimilation, appreciation to the doctor Karla Guadalupe López López for his work in front of the Representation in this entity, as it is reflected in national and international reconciliations in various medical units.

Zoé Robledo ensures that the Institute in New Leon demonstrates much more than the Covid-19 pandemic, because it eats away at other benefits, increases the performance of various services and continues the work of administrative staff.

For his part, Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda reconciled Director General Zoé Robledo with his work at the front of the Institute, with the staff of salute for his pandemic and the health of the health, and resumed the disposition of his administration to work in IMSS priority projects in the entity.

As a result, Nuevo León has the best health care system, many areas of opportunity, “while we are building, we will build this infrastructure” for the benefit of the Neolithic population.

García Sepúlveda affirms that the state “never quits with the brazos cruzados”, New Leon always wants to be a pioneer and first lie in all, as it is on the theme of patronage registers and the opening of open-patronage quotes.

Significantly, Covid-19 is an inflection point for transiting the health of the health, and in this context “the IMSS is key in prevention models”.

In this way, the doctor Tonatihu Ortiz Castillo, recently named Representative of the Social Security in New Leon, expressed to the Director General of the Social Security that assumes the responsibility of this representation and will work “in addition to the institution, and benefit the working partners ”.

In his vez, the doctor Karla Guadalupe López, ex titular of the Institute in this state and new Representative of the IMSS in Jalisco, demonstrated that with the legacy of the doctor Tonatihu Ortiz to the title of the Institute in New Leon sabrá llevar a cabo las tareas del IMSS and complete the most ambitious proposals in the entity. Greetings to all the support of his team and the authorities of the Social Security.

During the session of the Consultative Council, the Director General of the IMSS and the Governor of New Leon, he convened the Convention Marco for the Submission of Medical and Hospital Services with Private Hospitals and Clinics, and finally ratified the services required. .

In the wake of this meeting, the International Congress of Security and Health Laboratories, scheduled for July 14 and 15 in Monterrey City, was announced. Respectfully, Dr. Mauricio Hernández Ávila, Head of the Board of Economic and Social Benefits, indicates that he is looking for international experiences in the field of work safety, risk management and maneuvering of the pandemic, including with regard to with a total greetings from the workers.

The doctor Manuel Cervantes Ocampo, coordinator of Unidades de Primer Nivel, details that in this space experts participate in health, universities, workers, business leaders, among others.

During this session, a meeting was held with the doctor Beatriz Maldonado Almaraz, coordinator of the Medical Units of High Specialty (UMAE), at his branch office at the Mexican Institute of Social Security, as the first woman to lead the Cardiology Hospital No. 34 and announces its compromise to record the certifications of quality, competitiveness, ambient and anti-sober management.

Además, Dr. Guillermo Sahagún Sánchez, Director of UMAE No. 34 receipt from the director general of the Distintivo Águila Triple Platinum of the Model of Institutional Competitiveness, the certification of the Norma ISO 9001-2015 Quality management, the certification of the Norma ISO 14001-2015 Ambient management, the Recertification of the Norma ISO 3700 -2016 Anti-Sobriety Management and the Certification for Three Years of the General Salubridad Council.

José Gonzalo García Martínez and Leobardo Padilla Escobedo also protested as proprietary and supplementary representatives, respectively, of the Confederation of National Cameras of Trade, Services and Tourism of the United States of Mexico (Concanaco-Servytur).

In addition, there is a meeting with the businessman Javier Arteaga Gutiérrez who will be serving as the Councilor of Concanaco-Servytur in the H. Consultative Council of the IMSS in New León.

Home Bank Operations Initiative in UMAE No. 34

To conclude the meeting of the Consultative Council, Governor Samuel García and the Director General of the IMSS merger into the operation of the Banco de Sangre del Hospital de Cardiología Unidad Médica Médica de Alta Especialidad (UMAE) No. 34, the river is the only one with irradiation throughout the Noreste region, having an area of ​​cryogenic cultivars, an area of ​​outpatient transfusion and an area of ​​molecular biology.

We will concentrate the products of 12 hospitals, between them 8 General Hospitals of Zone and 4 Medical Units of High Specialty; has an area of ​​cryogenic cultivars, outpatient transfusion areas and molecular biology. Connects to the central chirophone and to the hospitalization service.

During the second session, doctor Guillermo Sahagún Sánchez, director of the UMAE Hospital de Cardiología No. 34; Luisa Obrador Garrido Cuesta, Head of the Unorganized Organized Evaluation Unit; doctor Alma Rosa Marroquín Escamilla, secretary of Salud de Nuevo León; Ricardo Cortez García, Proprietor Representative of the Confederation of Workers of Mexico; José Arturo Rosales Martínez, Representative Owner of the Confederation of Revolutionaries and Workers; Jesús González Cárdenas, Representative Proprietario de la Federación Nacional de Syndicatos Independientes.

In addition to Genaro Leal Cavazos, Representative of the Owner of the Federation of Autonomous Trade Unions; José Alfredo Saldaña Díaz, Proprietor Representative of the Confederation of Industrial Cameras of the Mexican United States (CONCAMIN); Ernesto Alberto González Guajardo Owner Representative for the CONCAMIN; and doctor Efraín Arizmendi Uribe, Titular of the IMSS Medical Atencion Unit.

También assisted as special guests the doctor Manuel Cervantes Ocampo, coordinator of Unidades de Primer Nivel; doctor Beatriz Maldonado Almaraz, coordinator of Tercer Nivel; Dr. Javier Rodríguez Cuellar, Secretary General of the National Union of Social Security Workers (SNTSS) Section II; doctor Lilia Elida Garcia Rodríguez, Secretary of Prevention and Control of Nursing in New León.

Here is the doctor José María Sepúlveda Núñez, director of the Hospital de Especialidades No. 25; doctor Adrián García Hernández, director of the Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopedics No. 21; doctor Norma Cisneros García, director of the UMAE Hospital of Gyneco-Obstetricia No. 25 “Dr. Ignacio Morones Prieto”.

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