I’m not vegan, by Imma Sust

Hello, my name is Imma and i’m not vegan. I also eat gluten and the occasional processed one from time to time. But believe me if I tell you that I do much more for the planet than many vegetarians, animalists or vegans I know. I’m talking about vegans when it comes to food. If we scratch a little, many of those people with whom it is impossible to go to eat because they always monopolize the conversation to talk about food, declare that they are animalists, but they do not take into account other factors that affect the planet. Like the cultivation of soybeans, for example. But do not mention anything to them, for them it is worse than you eat organic beef that grazes in the Pyrenees, the soy that comes by plane from the fifth pine tree causing a brutal environmental impact. Who says soy, says avocado.

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They attack you if you carry a bag made of cowhide killed for consumption, but you do not tell them anything about that plastic jacket that cost them fifteen euros and is made in Asia with child labor. My bag is more sustainable than your jacket and is made in Barcelona, ​​but I am the bad one. I’m sick of being judged for eating meat. I am not vegan, but I am ‘climarian’. I know what I eat, where it comes from, what it is produced with and what or who affects its production. I eat real food and I live trying to find the least harmful effect for the environment. Not just in food, but in all aspects of my life. I look to buy in bulk, local and seasonal products and avoid single-use packaging. But the most important thing, for me, is not be radical in the process. You can’t be consistent twenty-four hours a day nor live with so much pressure. If one day they invite me to lunch and they give me a stew, I am not going to argue with anyone or ask where that stew was bought or produced. And I will never judge the person who offers me their food. I’m going to thank you for the invitation and I’m going to eat it all.


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