Iglesias believes that the arrest of Puigdemont is a “judicial operation” behind the government’s back

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The former secretary general of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, has ruled on the recent arrest in Italy of the former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, under the international search and arrest warrant issued by the Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena.

In an intervention in Rac1, Iglesias points to an “operation” orchestrated by the “judicial and police right” behind the back of the central government to try to make the legislature “run out of time.”

The former politician reaches this conclusion, as he explains, after speaking with various jurists once he hears the news, advanced by EL ESPAÑOL. After several readings of political analysis, “the following conclusion can be reached: It is an operation that the Government is unaware of, that Marlaska himself (Interior Minister) looks like a harlequin when he finds out and the Italian Government doesn’t know him either. ”

“It seems that it is an operation in which there are some judges that everyone knows, and that they did know sectors of the police leadership, as they have recognized. That they were meeting and that they find out before the government itself. “

On why the arrest was made in Italy, Iglesias slides that it is due to the relationship that the country maintains with Spain in the matter of extraditions of criminals. “Italy regularly requests the extradition of gangsters living in Spain, and Spain is always very diligent with them.”

“In this case the flute could sound, and what was not expected to do, in view of the legal situation of Puigdemont, no court in France or Belgium or Germany or anywhere could happen in Italy”, has reasoned.

Conversation with Redondo

The first person who wrote to Iglesias after learning the facts was Pedro Sánchez’s former chief of staff, Ivan Redondo: “Have you seen this? It can put the legislature very uphill,” said Iglesias, who wrote to him on WhatsApp.

According to the jurists that Pablo Iglesias says he has consulted, they told him that they would surely “have to release him”, as has finally happened while waiting for him to declare on October 4 in Italian territory.

Regarding the supposed operation orchestrated by what he considers a “deep state”, this would be “very serious” because it means that there are sectors of society that are “very interested in this legislature ending prematurely and that the Government loses support for get the budgets and keep the legislature alive. “

And he gives advice to the Government of Sánchez and its partners: “This should make all the actors reflect because if the judicial right, the police right and the media right are so interested in making the fragile agreements and spaces for dialogue that exist between the political forces that make the legislature viable are broken, perhaps it is a reason to know that they have to maintain and continue with the roadmap of dialogue. “

Carles Puigdemont has been a fugitive from Spanish Justice since the autumn of 2017, when he fled to Belgium after the events that occurred as a result of the illegal referendum on October 1.


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