‘Idol Kids 2’ to visit six cities to search for new contestants

‘Idol Kids’ recovers the face-to-face casting to find the contestants for its second edition on Telecinco. The Mediaset chain has announced that the casting team of the children’s talent will begin to quote this week in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Gran Canaria, Valencia, Seville and Oviedo the children between 7 and 15 years old pre-selected in the tests online.

The process to participate is still open through the form in the program website or through the phone that appears in the promos. Candidates must submit current photos, a presentation video, five videos singing five different songs of less than two minutes and another one singing a cappella song.

With this announcement, the machinery of the second edition of ‘Idol Kids’ takes another step for his return to Telecinco. For a few weeks, the chain has already been working on the return of the children’s talent produced by Fremantle, which will feature Omar Montes and Ana Mena as members of the jury, as YOTELE has exclusively known.

Telecinco decided to use two of the singers of the moment and who have also collaborated together on hit songs like ‘Solo’. Along with them will be another successful duo: Camela. As this portal has exclusively revealed, the artist couple will participate together with Mena and Montes for the first time as a jury for a talent show.

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With these additions, Telecinco and Fremantle completely replace the jury table of the previous edition. Neither Edurne, nor Carlos Jean nor of course Isabel Pantoja will repeat in this second stage, as this medium has already advanced at the time. In addition to the new jury as the main novelty, changes in the mechanics of the contest are also not ruled out.

The Spanish adaptation of the internationally successful format began airing in September 2020, surpassing 2 million viewers at the premiere gala. Despite the fact that in subsequent weeks he was losing follow-up, came back in its final stretch and finished with an average of 16.7% share.


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