Housing affordability a top concern for Canadians

According to the latest poll from the Angus Reid Institute, housing affordability is now the top economic concern for Canadians, ahead of jobs and taxes. The polls reveal that 30 per cent of the respondents who use sites like Rentola are “somewhat concerned” about housing affordability while 36 per cent who don’t are “very concerned” about housing affordability. Let us look at a few things in order to understand the housing situation in Canada.

Most common type of housing in Canada

The most common type of housing in Canada is the single-family detached home. Families with children often prefer detached homes because they can have their own yard for the kids to play in. 

The second most common type of housing in Canada is the semi-detached home. These homes are attached to one other home, usually by a shared wall. Semi-detached homes are a good option for families who want more space than an apartment but can’t afford a detached home. 

The third most common type of housing in Canada is the row house or townhouse. These homes are attached to other homes on both sides and usually have multiple floors. They’re a good option for people who want to live in a smaller space but still have access to outdoor space like a backyard or balcony.

The average rent prices in Canadian cities

There are a number of factors that contribute to the average rent prices in Canadian cities. The first is the city’s population density. Cities with higher population densities tend to have higher rents, because there is more competition for housing. The second factor is the city’s economy. Cities with strong economies tend to have higher rents, because people are willing to pay more for housing in these cities. The third factor is the city’s location. Cities located in desirable areas, such as near the ocean or in the mountains, tend to have higher rents than other cities.

Tips for finding affordable housing in Canada

One way is to search for government-subsidized housing. This type of housing is usually reserved for low-income households and can be found through your provincial or territorial government’s website.

Another way to find affordable housing is to look for private rental units that are below market value. You can also contact your local community center or social services agency for help finding affordable housing.

If you’re a student, you may be able to find affordable housing through your school’s off-campus housing office. Many schools have agreements with landlords in the surrounding community to offer reduced rent rates to students.

Overall, housing affordability is a top concern for many Canadians.

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