Puebla, Pue. Until 2023, it will be feasible for investments to be made to build more hotels, since in the last three years they have been slowed down by the covid-19 pandemichowever, three chains interested in detonating projects in Angelopolis are on the doorstep.

The president of the Puebla Association of Hotels and MotelsManuel Domínguez Gabián, said that, although there is a saturation due to the 302 establishments operating, it is also necessary for Puebla to continue seeking to strengthen its market in this sector with the attraction of more projects, since tourists seek new alternatives to spend the night.

He indicated that the hotel chains They are interested in landing a project for the first quarter of next year, so they are looking for land to build on.

He explained that it will be in the first quarter of 2023 when the economy is more stable and they hope that the Covid-19 pandemic has been eradicated.

He indicated that the investments, when announced, will take up to a year and a half to materialize, depending on the type of project and its complexity.

Domínguez Gabián stressed that Puebla It is attractive in terms of tourism, which is why the large chains seek to open a complex or have another, due to the importance of the market, which before the pandemic reported 85% occupancy on weekends and currently remains at 65 percent.

He commented that at this time of the pandemic, the room complexes remain at 55% occupancy, so they expect to increase another 15% for the summer vacations.

He recognized that the arrival of new hotels it also obliges business partners to invest in better facilities, but investments may be formalized towards the final stretch of next year.

He commented that there are 12,470 rooms generated by the complexes in operation, from three to five stars, in which they have been investing to improve them.

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