Cancun, QR. With a 120-million-dollar inversion, the Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya hotel opened at the gates, operated by the Hilton hotel chain.

Danny Hughes, Executive Vice President and President of the United States of America, said, “I would like to announce the launch of the Tulum Hilton, Mexico’s main destination, with this luxury hotel.”

“The Caribbean and Latin America have a priority market for Hilton, with Mexico and the fifth largest global level of hotel number, with Tulum as the central part of our leisure strategy”, added

Opened in December 2022, this inauguration will mark the inauguration of the Hilton Cancún All Inclusive Resort, of 715 apartments, with a turnover of 500 million dollars, only 16 kilometers from the International Airport and 30 kilometers from the Hotel Zone of Cancún.

Directives of the cadena announce that in the 2022 course the Conrad by Hilton will open 350 apartments and a Hilton Tulum of 750 apartments, in addition to which a Waldorf Astoria of 178 apartments will be concluded, which in addition will add another 600 million dollars in inversion and 1,278 accommodations, additions to the hotel inaugurated this March.

This is a hotel of 180 accommodation that is to be inaugurated at Terminal 3 of Cancun International Airport, which does not specify the inversion.

Juan Corvinos, Senior Vice President of Desarroll for the Caribbean and Latin America of Hilton, explained that on this occasion he was the sole operator of these new hospice centers, then his investments were raised by Mexican capital, with an important generation of employees, and Only at the Hilton Cancún did he open 400 new plazas, aunado to the more than 1000 that were opened paulatinamente in Tulum.

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In the case of the new Hilton Cancún All Inclusive, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad and Hilton Tulum, the inversion corresponds to the El-Mann Group.


Valeria Nowotny, Vice President of Hilton Resorts and Hotels, spoke on behalf of the Confucian Generation and the Mexican Caribbean in general about the projections on a permanent flow of international tourism to the destination in the middle and short of places.

Refirió adds that Hilton is a global leader in hotels with a 18-class world-class brand that includes more than 6,700 properties with more than 1 million homes in 122 countries, Mexico and its fifth most important place by number of accommodation as for the profitability of these, there are 80 hotels in all the countries.

The executive branch that is currently being built on at least 31 new hotel developments in all countries, from the lower to the main stage is under development for Quintana Roo, and its independents of the four hotels announced this March.

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