Hickey on Hockey: Canadiens’ value has little to do with good management

When the NHL’s Board of Governors concluded its meeting in sunny Florida on Friday in time for an afternoon round of golf, Bettman said there were many concerns about NHL players’ participation in the Olympics. But he went on to say that the NHL made an Olympic commitment to its players when the collective bargaining agreement was signed ahead of the pandemic-delayed resumption of the 2019-20 season.

Donald Fehr, the director of the NHL Players Association, told TSN’s Pierre LeBrun that players are looking forward to the Games, but that the league and NHLPA are waiting for the organizing committee to provide the playbook that it will describe. the rules for athletes. COVID behavior and protocols.

There is a Jan.10 deadline for the NHL to finalize its engagement, but Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said the league could withdraw from the Games at any time due to COVID-19, although there will be a financial penalty if it does so later. Limit date.

COVID is not the only problem looming over the Games. Bettman was questioned about getting up political tensions between China and the West, human rights abuses and allegations of genocide against the Uighur minority in Xinjiang province.

“Ultimately, this will have to be a decision of the players, unless we jointly agree with the (NHLPA) otherwise,” Bettman said. “And for that, for all the reasons (provided), I am concerned.”

Bettman also announced that the league’s revenue is expected to reach $ 5 billion this season and that the salary cap will increase by $ 1 million next season, while guarantee payments from players will decrease. And if you harbored any fantasies about lazy Arizona Coyotes moving to Quebec City, forget it. Bettman says they aren’t going anywhere.


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