Here’s when u-pick strawberry farms will be open in Manitoba

With summer now in early bloom, so too are strawberry fields across Manitoba.

Angie Cormier, executive director of the Prairie Fruit Growers Association (PFGA) said many u-pick strawberry farms will be ready to welcome visitors to their fields next week.

“There are some farms that might be opening this coming weekend for strawberries, and then Saskatoons, haskaps, sour cherries, raspberries will be following shortly after that,” she said, noting her own business, Cormier Berry Patch will open next week.

Currently, Cormier notes most strawberries are starting to flower. With the right amount of heat and moisture, they’ll be ripe and ready for picking by next week.

However, the treacherous spring brought its challenges to producers.

“Unfortunately, there were some farms that got a lot of moisture, that were underwater, so some of those farms have been affected,” she said. “But looking forward here for picking for the next couple of weeks. It looks very good.”

Before you grab your basket and head to a farm, Cormier recommends checking out the PFGA’s website for picking tips. She also urges folks to contact the farm they plan to visit ahead of time to ensure they are open.

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