Here’s what mom really wants this Mother’s Day: alone time

Ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday, experts are coming out to let spouses and children know what the women in their lives really want – to be left alone.

Doula and counselor Sondra Macron says young mothers especially are feeling “touched out”, and a long two years of the pandemic did not help.

“I think it’s a general thing but I think it’s been intensified by the pandemic,” Macron explains to CTV News. “We are constantly caring for our infants and our children. So this term ‘touched out’ is really it’s overwhelmed, its sensory overload.”

Enjoying the sunshine in Renfrew with her seven-month-old baby boy, Allie Hynes says that’s exactly how she feels.

“I haven’t really had any time alone since he’s been born so that would be nice too, even though I do love him,” says the new mom.

But Macron says many moms are afraid to tell their partners or children what they really want.

“They’re worried about being stigmatized,” says Macron, “for saying I don’t want to hold my baby right now or that my child has sticky fingers and I am annoyed by being touched by them.”

She adds flowers and a meal are nice additions, but during that time when mom’s take a break from their everyday tasks, that’s when the rest of the family needs to step in.

“That’s the dishes, and the laundry, and taking care of the children.”

Those looking to treat mom this Sunday can still do so in the traditional ways.

At the Flower Factory in Renfrew, owner Christina Ouellet says peonies, tulips, and ranunculus are always a favourite, with the best sellers being the cut bouquets.

“It’s actually been quite busy and I actually think that Mother’s Day is next weekend, but it’s this weekend,” says Ouellet, noting the day of appreciation usually falls later in the month.

And many local restaurants are offering Mother’s Day brunch; although if you haven’t booked yet, you might be out of luck.

“This year everyone is excited that they can all celebrate together,” says Rachelle Sabourin, owner at Krave Bistro in Arnprior. “So we actually had a few people like four weeks ago book.”

But for many moms, their ideal Mother’s Day isn’t a tough code to crack.

“Hopefully get to sleep in,” says Hynes. “That would be nice because it’s been a while.”

“I don’t have to cook that day,” says Ouellet, “and make sure I have a nice cup of tea at any given time at my hand and I’m happy with that.”

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