Héctor Gómez: “We do not give up reforming financing in this legislature”

The spokesman for PSOE in it Congress, Hector Gomezis visiting the Valencian Community with various party events, including a meeting with the regional president Ximo Puig. In a week in which regional financingor rather, its lack of progress, has marked the political schedule. To the accusations crossed between the Valencian parties, Gómez adds pointing to the PP Already Nunez Feijoo. The socialist spokesman assures that he has not yet renounced changing the distribution system in this legislature, although he does not commit to it either.

Has the relationship with the PP changed after the arrival of Feijóo?

We still waiting. It is true that there has been a first meeting with the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchezbut has not responded to the 11 points raised by Pedro Sánchez and which are priorities for Spain, such as the renewal of the Judiciary, the pact anti-transfuguism or the shock plan against the crisis. At the moment we do not notice a change.

Among the 11 points is not the financing reform, is this legislature renouncing it?

Not at all. The Government and the PSOE are working intensely and we are not giving up on it, but we are aware of the situation that has affected us. In any case, you can see the Government’s commitment. President Sánchez has insisted on co-governance and the transfers to the autonomies. Now a structure has been proposed for the new model that shows that work is being done. We hope to have that agreement with the autonomies as soon as possible.

President Sánchez has insisted on co-governance and transfers to the autonomies have been increased

Could it be held in this same legislature?

Much depends on the progress of the work and the will in the regional sphere to reach agreements. It is also conditioned by what happens in the Ukraine. Our purpose is to take out all the commitments we have and what is a priority today for public management and regional financing is, the purpose is to work and have it as soon as possible.

However, it did not enter the list of 11 State agreements that Sánchez transferred to Feijóo.

Obviously not everything we consider a priority entered. What we raise to the PP are basic questions to start a journey of agreement in an exceptional situation. Regardless of whether these points are not there, there are many especially relevant issues to manage, such as financing.

Compromís has expressed its anger at the lack of progress, how are relations?

There is a good relationship with all groups. Our obligation is to agree and we do not renounce the financing reform in this legislature, we continue working, but we are aware of the difficulties that its approval presents.

There is anger in the independence groups, do you understand?

We continue to dialogue with absolute normality with all the groups. Spain is a social state and democratic with all the guarantees and where it acts under the criteria of legality.

Is the space headed by Yolanda Díaz the only viable partner in the future?

We are very respectful of what other groups decide, or if there are emerging projects, but we do convey our desire that everything that represents and helps give continuity to a progressive project in Spain is welcome. Our purpose is to put a stop to situations like the one in Castilla y León with the government of the extreme right with the PP.

Feijóo proposes that the most voted list govern to avoid depending on Vox.

Feijóo’s first steps as PP leader have been erratic, it goes to too simple approaches like this. It would be necessary to ask him if the PP respected that idea when the PSOE won in 2019 in Castilla y León, Madrid or Murcia. It did not. I propose first that you do not agree with Vox, second that you do not rely on turncoats and third, that you take the policy of agreements seriously. We invite you to speak in 2023 and 2024 when the PSOE is once again the leading force in municipal, regional and general elections.

Do you see the possibility of reaching agreements to prevent Vox from deciding governments?

In Castile and Leon We offered him the possibility of facilitating governance if he ended those pacts with Vox that he has from inside and outside because let’s not forget that Vox is not new, he has been making agreements with them in Andalusia in 2018. If Feijóo has a real will to break with Vox , the PSOE is willing to talk, but for now they have shown their lack of will to reach a minimum agreement because they continue in the confrontation.

Is there concern about the polls?

Not at all, we are very focused on management in a very complex scenario. Today the PSOE and the Government prioritize citizenship over any type of partisan interest; seriousness against those who are measuring their steps to get electoral revenue.

Do you notice discontent in the street?

I believe that the PSOE is still the main force that citizens see to govern the country, but there is almost half a legislature left. The pandemic has been a shock to society, but we trust that citizens appreciate that the Government’s response has nothing to do with that of 2008.

Weeks ago several demonstrations and protests coincided with the situation.

The Government must multiply to deal with these exceptional situations and the decree that will be approved next week is an example of that effort.

At the time they accused the right of fueling these protests to benefit from them.

We have no doubt that the extreme right plays to wear down the government through misinformation and also fueling certain situations that can be channeled through dialogue, as the government did with various groups in the face of the economic situation and that are caused by the war. The worrying thing is not that they carry out actions to wear down the Government, their idea is that Spain falls so that they can raise it up.

We have no doubt that the extreme right plays to wear down the government from disinformation

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What is the image of Ximo Puig from Madrid?

I see a solid leader who defends the interests of his community with courage, demand and bravery, but always with loyalty. He is carrying out exemplary management in the Valencian Community, has given it stability, cleanliness and transparency and has been able to leave behind a dark period marked and stigmatized by corruption and mismanagement.

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