Health system: let’s focus on prevention

According to the Quebec public health authorities, there is a shortage of about 4,000 nurses in the network and the waiting lists for surgeries are immense, or about 140,000 Quebecers awaiting surgery. There are therefore, on several occasions, service breakdowns in several regions of Quebec, which causes significant damage to citizens.

In addition, the aging of the Quebec population is causing an increase in demand for health care services and leading to a decrease in the supply of these services, which means that the situation is very likely to worsen in the future. ‘to come up.

In short, the health system is creaking everywhere!

Relieve the health system

One of the long-term solutions to solve this serious problem is to focus on prevention, that is to say, in this case, to adopt measures that make it possible to eliminate certain behaviors that entail the risk. to require health care, within a large part of the Quebec population.

This would help reduce the health care needs of the population and thus relieve the pressure on the system.

This is why I am asking the Government of Quebec to adopt a new public health policy that will focus, among other things, on the prevention of health problems linked to malnutrition, air quality, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Possible solutions

This new policy could include measures such as:

1. Prohibit the sale of energy and carbonated drinks to minors.

2. Create a working group made up of public health experts who will assess which products are good for the health of our citizens and which are harmful to the health of Quebecers.

3. Add a 10% tax to products harmful to health (cigarettes, soft drinks, candies, cakes, etc.) and add a negative tax (subsidy) to products deemed good for health (fruits, vegetables, etc.) which will prevent an increase in the cost of living and which will also make it possible to direct citizens’ purchases towards products that are good for their health while making them more accessible to low-income consumers.

4. Carry out an awareness campaign aimed at making known the harmful effects of certain products on the health of individuals and at promoting healthy lifestyles.

5. Support the organization of Pierre Lavoie Challenge in order to allow all young Quebecers in high school, college and university to participate in the Grand Challenge Pierre Lavoie The Course.

6. Develop the network of childcare centers and nursery schools for 4 years.

7. Prohibit the use of all pollutants as a means of heating, in order to improve air quality.

8. Oblige businesses, government institutions, as well as city centers, to have a parking lot reserved for zero greenhouse emissions vehicles for every 20 parking lots, then increase to two for every 20 parking lots the following year and so on. immediately, until 90% of the parking lots are reserved for zero greenhouse vehicles.

Jessy gareau

Graduated from the Center collegial de Mont-Laurier in human sciences and currently a student at UQÀM in the baccalaureate program of intervention in physical activity (Teaching profile of physical education and health)

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