Health of Vicente Fernández, medical report of Charro de Huentitán is given

  • Family members give a medical report on Vicente Fernández’s health status
  • They add several weeks of uncertainty and even rumors about his death
  • The Charro de Huentitán still remains bedridden in a hospital

After several weeks of uncertainty and even rumors about his death, family members finally give a medical report of Vicente Fernández’s state of health, but it is even more worrying, according to information published by the news portal of People in spanish.


It was through a statement on social networks, specifically the official Instagram account of Charrro de Huentitán, that they gave details about what happens to the singer, who remains bedridden in a hospital.


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It was just the night of September 14, 2021 that the family took time to clarify several points about rumors that had already begun to circulate in recent days, which reported a fatal outcome for the artist.

Just yesterday it was reported that Doña Cuquita, the singer’s wife, was admitted to the hospital for a matter already scheduled and some media speculated that it was due to the death of her husband, which until now was denied with this statement.


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The message reads as follows: “The Fernández family and their doctors Luis Arturo Gómez Hernández and Francisco López González, we appreciate the concern for the health of Mr. Vicente Fernández. Today, September 14, 2021, we inform you of the current status:

“Don Vicente Fernández continues in the intensive care area due to the type of care he requires. In general, it has remained stable with noticeable changes in its neurological state, its evolution has been slow, but it has remained with a very discreet tendency towards improvement ”. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández Health


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And the statement continued: “His respiratory status with tracheostomy in spontaneous modality working his progression to mechanical support withdrawal. Inflammation of his airways secondary to the association of assisted ventilation in descent ”.

And he adds: “Adequately tolerating feeding through a gastrostomy tube. Swallowing is still altered. Peripheral mobility absent. He continues physical rehabilitation, he sits in a recliner. At the moment without serious infections ”. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández Health. To see the video click here.


Vicente Fernández's health
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With this, the difficult news in the Fernández family is added, since this time it was reported that “Doña Cuquita”, wife of “Chente”, had to be intervened in an emergency. A little over a month ago, Vicente Fernández was admitted to the Century 2000 in the city of Guadalajara and, now, María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor had to be admitted to the Real San José de Zapopan hospital to undergo a hernia operation in the belly.

The “Ventaneando” program emphasized that she had already scheduled this surgery, but because she was aware of her husband Vicente Fernández, she postponed it until “her health took its toll and she had to be operated on in an emergency”. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández Health

Vicente Fernández’s health: HE WOULD LEAVE ON THURSDAY

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In this way, they reported that the wife of the interpreter of “Divine Women” could not bear the pain, so she was immediately taken to the hospital for due care. At the time, his children were away from the area, since Alejandro Fernández is on the “Made in Mexico” tour and Vicente Fernández Jr. is with his sentimental partner, so “Doña Cuquita” was left under the care of Alejandra .

On the other hand, it was announced that the medical intervention was successful and the ranch star’s wife is only in the process of recovery. For this reason, he is expected to leave the hospital next Thursday; meanwhile, Vicente continues in intensive care.


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Days ago, while network users were already mourning the alleged death of Vicente Fernández, his eldest son denied the information with a forceful video. In the early morning of Saturday, September 11, users of social networks circulated the rumor of the supposed death of “Chente”, who has been hospitalized in Guadalajara for more than a month.

Internet users began to share false news, so Vicente Fernández Jr. released a video on his official Instagram account to clarify the rumors that have spread in recent days about the Charro de Huentitán. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández Health

Vicente Fernández’s health: “THAT NEWS IS FALSE”

Vicente Fernández's health
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“How about good night. For the general public and for all the media, there is news on the networks and there is news on the internet that my father has just passed away; this news is false ”, explained Vicente Fernández Jr. on his social network.

So far, it is known that Vicente Fernández continues to urge him in the hospital, where his closest relatives, including his wife “Cuquita” and his son Alejandro Fernández, better known as “El Potrillo”, accompany him.

Vicente Fernández’s Health: THEY WILL MAKE A SERIES OF HIS LIFE

Charro de Huentitán

And while the artist continues in his process of recovering his health, it was confirmed that they will make a series about the “Charro de Huentitán” and there is already an actor to interpret it; They plan to start filming on September 27 at Real del Monte.

It will be Alejandro Speitzer who plays the idol in the series. At the moment the actor, who during his childhood worked on children’s soap operas with Danna Paola, uploaded several images in Real del Monte to his Instagram account.

Vicente Fernández’s health: HE ALREADY HAS MONTHS IN THE ‘ESTUFA’

Vicente Fernández's health
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The biographical project began planning long before the coronavirus pandemic began in Mexico, so it is likely that production has been postponed due to the health emergency in partnership with the Fernández family.

It was also ensured that the Colombian television station Caracol Radio decided to collaborate in the singer’s bioseries as a producing partner, since the singer’s success is impressive both in that South American country and in others in the region.


Medic report
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One month after his admission to the Country 2000 hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco, the singer continues with a slow but stable improvement, which is why he is still under observation in the intensive care area of ​​the hospital.

While he has been in the hospital, the rumors about his death do not stop on social networks, however, the family has made it clear that only reliable information will be given through official media and with the authorization of herself. With information from El Universal. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández Health

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