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Non-essential travel restrictions for the United States (US) and the Canadian border will be lifted for anyone who is fully vaccinated and traveling by land.

“Whereas before, it was only a requirement to get tested three days before leaving, but now, with the requirement to be fully vaccinated, that will be a requirement,” said Justin Reves of Regina Airport.

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The change begins on November 8, which means that Canadians are considering the next steps.

Travel Medical Insurance Association (THIA) CEO Will McAleer said travelers may face additional costs.

“In particular, what we are seeing is the cost and inconvenience that is being imposed on them for this level of testing to be able to return to Canada,” said McAleer.

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Canadians will be required to have a negative Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) performed before returning to the country, which costs more than $ 125 USD, while the United States accepts rapid antigen tests that cost only about $ 40.

“Beyond that is the downside. To get a PCR test, wait times are usually longer for that, so to get that before you go back, planning, say for a family of four, can be quite significant, “McAleer said.

Canadians can get health insurance coverage in case they contract COVID-19 while in the States.

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However, McAleer urges people to make sure they know what their policy covers, including quarantine costs.

“Understand what your health conditions are, you also want to understand the policy you are buying,” McAleer said.

He added that many plans will cover a positive COVID-19 test and may include a $ 150 per day quarantine policy.

However, he still encourages people to ask their insurance companies for details about their policies.

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