He was arrested

turns out This Monday, Rafael Cruz Sosa was arrested, one of those allegedly involved in the fraud for 1,238 million pesos, committed against Banobras 10 years ago, through the company Rotary Drillrigs Internacional (Rodisa), in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz.

According to the investigation folder, in 2012, Cruz Sosa associated with the Rotary Drillrigs International company to provide false data in order to obtain credit through two contracts, through which Pemex Exploration and Production agreed with Rotary Oilfield Drilling Equipment International, Procesos Manufacturing Corp and Rotary Drillrigs International carry out oil well drilling and production, giving the line of credit to Invex Banco as Trustee.

Uber, the private transport company via app, will reduce its spending and focus on being a more efficient business to address the “seismic shift” in investor sentiment, Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of the company, said in an email sent to collaborators. .

“After the earnings report, I spent several days meeting with investors in New York and Boston,” Khosrowshahi said in the email sent late Sunday.

“It is clear that the market is undergoing a seismic shift and we must react accordingly.”

Shares of technology companies have tumbled from their highs in the Covid-19 pandemic as investors worry the end of the era of cheap money, which defined a historic bull market, is looming.

To address the change in economic sentiment, the private transport company will slash spending on marketing and incentives and treat hiring as a “privilege,” Khosrowshahi said.

Well the The resignation of technicians does not stop and we are not talking about Mexican soccer but about the National Banking and Securities Commission, which is chaired by Jesús de la Fuente Rodríguez, and a few days ago Edson Munguía, who works as general director of Stock Market Legal Affairs, presented his resignation from the body, valid from next May 15.

The issue is not minor, because people with experience in the subject of supervision decided to resign when they felt that they did not match the vision of the current president and it is not minor either, because at present there is a mess in the dependency with the subject of surveillance to issuers (see Crédito Real). The technicians in the organism are exhausted.

LATAM AIRLINES Group, the largest airline in Latin America, said that about 82% of its creditors of securities in dollars and about 65% of its voting creditors approved the reorganization plan that the company presented to get out of chapter 11 of the Code of United States bankruptcy.

In the event that the plan is endorsed by a court, Latam Airlines would inject resources into the group through a combination of capital, convertible bonds, debt, and would strengthen its balance sheet, liquidity and capital structure for its future operations.

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