• The cameo of the great millennial star after the credits has become the talk of the film

  • It is rumored that he has signed with Marvel for four films in the series and that he could replace Robert Downey Jr.

It may be surprising that the thing that has given the most to talk about the new and highly anticipated installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM), ‘Eternals’ – apart, of course, from the fierceness with which the critics have destroyed it -, is not none of the many plot complications or colorful action sequences that his first two and a half hours of footage include, but one of the two fleeting scenes that appear after the movie proper, interspersed in their final credits. But it is much less surprising if one takes into account that this last moment supposes the debut in the Harry Styles saga, bestselling singer, liquid style icon and massive idol for all ages, genders, races and religions.

It must be said that the scene, in which the Briton gives life to a alien superhero named Eros – brother of the most villainous Thanos – is not exactly exceptional in his career.

On the one hand, because in 2017, while starting a successful solo musical career after having sold more than 70 million records along with the rest of the members of the quintet One Direction, Styles already made his debut as an actor under Christopher Nolan in the war epic ‘Dunkirk’. And on the other, because his curriculum already includes two more films, both pending release. The first one, ‘My Policeman’, portrays a homosexual romance in a time, the 1950s, when homosexuality was taboo; the second, the psychological ‘thriller’ ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, is the second film as director of actress Olivia Wilde, with which Styles maintains a romantic relationship for months that the tabloids have done their best to document.

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Vegan (and gluten free)

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Styles’ acting skills remain to be confirmed, but the commercial value of his image is beyond doubt. This is demonstrated by the advertising campaigns of the Gucci firm in which he has participated over the last years, and this is also confirmed by the stir caused by Pleasing, the vegan and gluten-free beauty supplies company that he himself has founded and of the one that exerts a visible face. Although there are already those who have used social networks to complain about the high price of their products, the influence and power of seduction of Styles have been enough for the brand’s sales to skyrocket from the moment of its launch, just a few years ago. days.

Since those same qualities are also attributed to the superhero he plays in Eternals, his choice for the role does not admit buts, at least for now. It is not yet known how important Eros will have in future episodes of the UCM, but the choice of someone as popular as Styles to embody him allows the singer to predict a solid presence in the saga; there are those who claim, in fact, that he has already agreed to shoot four more films for her. Could it be that Marvel has found in him the perfect replacement for Robert Downey Jr.?


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