Harrow Fair to return after an ‘un-fair’ two-year hiatus

The Harrow Fair is set to return this Labor Day weekend after a two-year “un-fair” pandemic hiatus.

It’ll be the 166th installation of the annual event after officials decided in 2021 it would be fiscally irresponsible to plan a major event that could be subject to restrictions that could affect attendance and overall presentation.

“I know we can’t give the same as we gave two years ago,” says Ed Gibbs, president of the Colchester South and Harrow Agricultural Society. “But we’re going to sure give a try.”

The agricultural society announced their belief the fair would be held Sept. 1 through Sept. 4, 2022 last April.

At the time, officials said the economic impact of the pandemic continued to be felt by many of the charitable groups, vendors, entertainers and local businesses that rely on the Harrow Fair as a major source of revenue.

“We’ve got a couple things that have kind of went by the wayside, but we’re working on it,” Gibbs explains fair officials will do everything possible to ensure everyone is safe. “Life isn’t the same. And the fair won’t be the same. But we’re hoping to make it as good as possible. Midway is all set and they’re ready to come. Entertainment is already booked and they’re ready to come too.”

Gibbs tells CTV News the search is on for volunteers of all ages after the two-year break saw many of the regular teenage volunteers grow up and move on.

“Also, we’ve lost a lot of the seniors that have kind of either run out of steam or not able to put in the time that is needed,” he says.

Gibbs says they’re in the early stages of planning but notes the majority of familiar attractions will return including the pie auctions and the parade. “I’m excited. Really, I am. I want to see this thing go.”

Those interested in volunteering are asked to go online for more details.

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